How To Apply For Nigeria Immigration Machine Readable Seaman's Passport

Machine readable seaman’s passport (MRP) is a traveling document designed for sea workers that stores data of the owner on the identity page which can be retrieved by the authorities if the need arises.

It could also be defined as a combination of paper and e-passport containing biometric data of sailors.

Nigeria is one of the countries that have adopted this technology that helps capture the data as well as the biometric information of the applicant on the identity page of the document.

This document like other national passport is not for the movement of people on the land rather it is specifically for Nigerian’s working in the ocean.

Nigeria today has numerous business men and shipping companies going for one or two aqua related businesses. This entails that they must apply for machine readable passport to ensure a hitch free journey on the sea; not necessarily in the case of any incident but to avoid defaulting the Nigerian government stipulated rule.

This process is also applied to expatriates on the same mission through Nigeria sea terminals.

Interested applicants who want to secure MRP seaman’s passport in Nigeria are advised to follow the guideline established below;

Guarantors form signed by the commissioner for oaths. 

  • Applicants for Nigeria machine readable passport are by law expected to submit a guarantor’s form that is duly endorsed by the commissioner for oath from any of the judicial courts in Nigeria.


  • Find out the qualification of guarantors of this type of passport and ensure your guarantor has the basics for such to avoid denial of the passport.



Provide photocopy of guarantor’s valid means of identification

  • The guarantor should supply a photocopy of his identity. Things like international passport, National Identity Card, and driver’s license are valid means of identification.


Age declaration

  • The applicant should provide documents showing his real age. Such documents include birth certificate, age declaration from a competent court of law and so on.


Local government identification

  • Provide evidence of local government identification from your local government of origin. This alongside other documents will be accessed before issuance of seaman’s passport.


Applicant’s passport photograph

  • The applicant will be asked to provide one of his recent passport photographs which will be attached to his or her file.


Evidence of payment

  • Here, the applicant has to provide the acknowledgment slip showing he or she has paid the specified amount for issuance of this type of certificate

Note that in the case of lost passport, an affidavit and a police report is required to back up the application.

Machine readable seaman passport is an e-passport designed specifically for Nigerians working into various categories of ocean works. It is unique and cannot be used for any other means of travel except by sea. 

People desiring to work on the sea are expected to borrow a leaf from the established guideline in order to be able to secure this travelling document.


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