How To Renew Telecommunication License In Nigeria

How To Renew Telecommunication License In Nigeria

Government has always devise means of controlling the activities of people both public and private sector. To achieve this, the government through the legislative arm does enact laws establishing organs censoring their activities by establishing their operational limits as well as the guideline.

The policy of renewal of operator’s license was established in order to monitor the activities of companies and to direct them where need be. The communication industry is not left out in this censorship due to its importance in the overall development of the society.


Nigeria communications commission is an organ of government established to censor the activities of Telecommunication operators. These licenses are not perpetual but interim; that is to say that they are subject to renewal from time to time.

Companies or individuals issued license are by law required to apply for renewal of Licenses within the time frame stipulated in their License documents.

For the purpose of clarity, the following are the steps involved in license renewal process;


  • Send a formal request for renewal of license addressed to the Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission, (Attention: Director Licensing & Authorization).

You have to communicate to the above-mentioned authority officially in writing informing him of your intention to renew the operational license of your company.


  • Attach a copy of the signature page of the license to the request.

Attach a copy of the signature page of your operational license the application for renewal of license. This is done to authenticate the application and enhance timely attention to your application.


  • Forward the request to the Commission’s Head Office or through any of the Zonal Offices.

After you have met the necessary requirements, ensure your application followed the right channel by sending it to the Commission’s head office or any nearest zonal office.


  • The Commission upon receipt of the application will do internal compliance checks to ensure that the applicant satisfied all the terms and conditions of issuance of the operational license of Telecommunication firms.


Below are the directives on how to renew the operational license of Telecommunication companies.

1.     Show evidence of paying of Annual Operating Levy

2.     Type approval of equipment in use

3.     Submission of Network Information and Statistical Data

4.     Payment of Spectrum and Numbering Fees (Where applicable)

5.     Submission of Individual Consumer Code of Practice

6.     Submission of Annual Ownership Report

Where it is confirmed that the applicant has satisfied all the requirements in (3) above and is of good regulatory standing, an offer letter will be issued, directing the applicant to pay the license fee within a stipulated period.

After presenting evidence of payment for the license, a renewed License document is then processed and issued to the Licensee.

Government established the principle of issuance and renewal of operational licenses of Telecommunication industry not only to generate revenue but also to monitor the activities of Telecommunication operators.

Applicants are therefore advised to ensure prompt compliance with the directives in order to accelerate the renewal of their operational license.

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