How To Collect Your Nigerian National E-Identity Card

This is specifically for those that registered their National ID card online; when it is due, NIMC will alert the applicant.

The difficult aspect of obtaining national e-identity card is not only the registration aspect but also how to collect the identity card when due.

Nigeria citizens can be able to collect their national e-identity card if they have previously registered via the online pre-enrolment method. A confirmation SMS message is usually sent to the applicant when the identity card is ready for collection. 

Nigerians no doubt find it very convenient to register for National Identity Card at the comfort of their home but find it difficult to proceed to National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office for collection when it is ready. 

To compound the whole thing, National Identity is not collected by proxy rather it is expected that the applicant must be present to collect the identity cards himself or herself. 

E-identity card applicants in Nigeria are advised to consider proximity of National Identity Management Commission office to their home in their choice of location of collection while applying; to avert the financial burden and stress that would most likely crop up during the process of going to collect your identity card.


  • Select a location close to you when choosing your point of collection.
  • Don’t forget to come with the printed slips as it will be demanded at the collection centre as its code helps to easily trace your identity card.

The process of collection of e-identity card may not be clear to those who registered online, however, the guides below will be of great help to that effect.


Don’t go until you get a text message.

After you must have received an SMS from National Identity Management Commission, try to write down the batch ID on the SMS as it will be requested at the collection point. You can make a photocopy of the slip and keep in-case you lose the original.

Provide the slips as proof of ownership

The staff in-charge will issue you a sealed envelope that contains your e-identity after you have given her the registration slips. Take out the card from the envelope and sign on the space at the back, make sure that every other material in the envelope remains intact.

Biometric verification

Repeat your biometric verification to ensure the card is yours and that it is properly printed. Choose a 4 digit pin of your choice to activate the national e-identity card. This process is very important in order to authenticate your ownership of the identity card.

Those going to collect their online National Identity Card are advised to go with money or ATM Card in case of payment of levy as may be demanded by this commission. Most National Identity Management Commission office in Nigeria has provision fund loading at the NIMC collection centre.

Collection of e-national identity card can be easy if you follow the established directives by writing down your batch I.D, keep your registration slip and providing same to the collection centre haven gotten an SMS alert informing you that your identity card is ready for collection.

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