How To Apply For Nigerian Tax Clearance Certificate

Businesses in Nigeria pay tax to support the government in the provision of infrastructural facilities and also in realizing its set objectives; government in turn issue tax clearance certificate as a proof that the tax payer has satisfied government requirements for the category of business he or she is involved in.

Whole lots of times, Nigerians especially those that are new in business encounter difficulties trying to transact a level of business due to the fact that they are yet to register or may not even know about tax clearance certificate.

The directives below will guide companies incorporated with the Federal Inland Revenue who want to obtain tax clearance certificate in Nigeria.


Fill the form correctly:

The process of filling tax clearance form may not be clear to a lay man, therefore, try to engage a tax consultant in enabling him to guide you. However, persons who prefer doing it on their own are advised to follow these directives below.

Register to obtain a Tax Identification Number

Visit the website of Corporate Affairs Commissions to register and get other necessary information in respect of payment for tax clearance certificate in Nigeria. 


After that, proceed to the head office of Integrated Tax Payer with the following document;

  •        Certificate of Incorporation

Present certificate of registration of your business with RC Number of Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC) and related documents showing the correct business address and notice of registered address.


You should be able to inform the office (ITO) with the correct Commencement date; a Tax Identification Number (TIN) will be issued when this process is completed.


Apply To Register for VAT

Complete the registration form and attach a photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of association, CTC of form CAC2 & CAC7.


Tax Clearance Certificate

The applicant should provide copies of the following;

  • 3 copies of application for tax clearance form
  • Tax payer registration input form (TRIF/2006/001 COYS);
  • Completed FIRS questionnaire for new tax payers 
  • Letter Head addressed to the Tax Controller
  • Letter Head addressed to the Tax Controller
  • Copy of memorandum and articles of association
  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • Letter of appointment of tax adviser and a letter of acceptance


Ensure you go with the original certificates as the controller will demand to see it in order to confirm its authenticity. When the registration process is complete, a tax reference number will be issued.


It is at this point that you will apply for the clearance certificate using the tax payer’s number.


Tax clearance certificate is not free; the amount of money paid for the certificate is reviewed periodically. However, money paid for clearance certificate is categorized as follows;


  •         Newly registered companies within six months of incorporation pay no fee for these services.


  •         Companies yet to start a business but come for registration after six months of incorporation are liable to pay the sum of twenty-five thousand naira (₦25,000) for these services for the first time and twenty thousand naira (₦20,000) subsequently pending the time when the notice of commencement of business was filed.



Make sure you fill correct information in the form or else you may be charged for correcting an error committed while filling the form for the certificate. You can request for the assistance of tax experts in this regard.


Every corporate business should not only enroll with Corporate Affairs Commissions but also obtain tax clearance certificate.


This will solidify the business and makes it easy to obtain a loan from any financial institution and also to engage in international businesses.

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