How To Secure NAFDAC Registration Number For Your Product In Nigeria

Prior to the democratic administration of the fourth republic, Nigeria had horrible health challenges because of the nefarious activities of manufacturers of fake products consumed by citizens.  

This development has led to serious health issues such as cancer, obesity, system disorder, premature death and many others. To control this ugly situation, the federal government established the National Association of Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in order to eradicate fake products in Nigerian markets. 

NAFDAC embarked on an aggressive campaign about fake and substandard products which aroused the awareness of people about fake and substandard products.

In one of their efforts to introduce sanity into the system, NAFDAC introduced registration number as a means of authenticating quality products. That is to say that each product must apart from the batch number, a production date, and expiry date have NAFDAC registration number written in a visible area of the product.  

It is illegal to sell products that have no NAFDAC registration number to the public. Such action can amount to litigation or denial of operational license. 

It is the responsibility of every producer or manufacturer of products in Nigeria to ensure he or she identifies and registers their products with NAFDAC or else will be penalized. 

A lot of manufacturers especially those new in the business may not know how to obtain NAFDAC registration number for their products. 

Therefore, Individuals or organisations interested in registering their product with NAFDAC are advised to follow the established procedure of registration.



  • Visit the nearest NAFDAC office to collect the form meant for the services. 
  • Fill the information in the form as directed and submit back to the office where the form. Ensure you follow tenaciously to the applicable guideline that will be given to you at the NAFDAC office. 
  • However, you can still get guideline for NAFDAC registration number online in case they fail to give you one.

Guideline for registration of businesses varies; therefore you need to be sure of the particular guideline and requirements for your type of business before applying it.

Make a payment for the registration

  • After filling the documents as directed, proceed to the bank, pay for registration and present evidence of payment to the NAFDAC office where you submitted your application.
  • If the requirements for registration are met, the office will proceed to process a registration number for your product. 

It takes about twelve weeks for the registration number to materialize.


Obtain identification number

  • When the process of the registration is complete, NAFDAC then issues an identification number to the organisation. 

Note: The identification number is obtainable after series of routine inspection of the process of production of the product; to ensure it constitutes no hazard when consumed or used. 

The identification number must appear on the product as a sign of authenticity.

Obtaining NAFDAC registration number is the first step a wise manufacturer should do in order to authenticate his or her business and save him or herself the embarrassment from government agencies. 


Businessmen and women are advised to follow the established guideline when applying for NAFDAC registration number in Nigeria so as not to encounter difficulty in the process.


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