How to Apply For Automated Vehicle Tracking Service in Nigeria

Automated vehicle tracking service is the use of enhanced software technology to gather comprehensive details of a vehicle which will be employed when detecting the location of the vehicle at any given time.

This technology used to locate stolen vehicles in Nigeria usually view vehicle from the map in order to detect where the vehicle was packed.

Automated vehicle tracking services transcend every other barrier to locate the hideout of stolen vehicles as long network is available.

 Vehicle tracking specialists in Nigeria employs either passive or active devices in installing security in vehicles; however, a combination of passive and active devices in vehicle tracking service will no doubt produce a more oriented result.

Tracking box when installed in a vehicle is either self-powered or connected with the power system of the automobile.The box is usually small in size making it easy for technicians to install them in places where its presence cannot be noticed.

Automated vehicle tracking service is usually stored in the modern brand of cars plying Nigerian roads. This is because of increase in cases of car snatching in highways and major cities in the country.

Automated tracking service is one of the recommendations of National Insurance Crime Bureau to prevent stealing of vehicles.

This technology adopted has to a great extent assisted the security agencies in detecting the places where stolen vehicles are packed and also to apprehend the culprits.

Telecommunication companies that are into this business of automated vehicle security services in Nigeria employ RF or GPS units to allow security agencies track and recover stolen vehicle.

Installing an automated vehicle tracker in Nigeria vehicles demands that the parties involved must meet the requirements as spelled out by law.

These requirements are explained below.

Security clearance from State Security Service (SSS)

Applicants for automated vehicle tracking services are by law expected to obtain clearance from members of State Security Service (SSS). The clearance will serve as proof of ownership.

The commission will provide Personal History Statement (PHS) Forms of the Company and its Director to be completed by the applicants.


All VAS (Content Service using Short Code) applicants must present:

  • Evidence of Agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the company and the Mobile Network Operator(s); he must provide detail of the terms of the contract between the car owner and the mobile network company.


Security is the fourth of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of need. This emphasizes the need to be security conscious wherever we are and in whatever we do.

Most times the amount of money spent in trying to remedy a lost situation is very much higher than the cost of preventing it.

Although a lot of Nigeria do bypass this established principle of obtaining automated vehicle security service to get security for their vehicle, it is better to be proactive by following government established guideline so that Nigeria police will intervene timely if your vehicle is stolen.


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