Renewing A Driving License In Nigeria

It is no doubt a necessity that drivers in Nigeria should obtain a license and renew same at the expiring date; this has been the laid down principle for drivers all over the world.

It has been observed that drivers hardly renew their license after obtaining it the first time, but is good to have an understanding of the legal implication of driving with expired license especially in a situation where the driver is involved in an accident or related incident that might attract the presence of law enforcement agents.

During the analogue days, the activities of those issuing drivers license in Nigeria are not organised due to the activities of corrupts staff of Board of Internal Revenue, and fraudulent agents who made the system porous; making it easy for people to obtain fake driver’s license from all nooks and crannies of this country.

But recently, the result is no longer the same with the advent of computer technology, most drivers in Nigeria prefer lobbying the police and members of Federal Road Safety Commission than going to renew their licenses at the office of the Board of Internal Revenue.

This has to a great extent affected the internally generated revenue thereby making things difficult for the government in realising its set objectives.

Since the world is dynamic and changes occur, the improvement in Information, Communication, and Technology in Nigeria has helped the government and those in Driver’s License Centre (DLC) to apply a new measure that is more organised and productive which will help check fraudulent activities of those in the system.

However, drivers can still apply in person at Driver’s License Centre if he is not computer compliant or if he cannot access the internet.

Below are the basic steps to procure a valid driver’s license.

·        Online application

Apply and pay online into the account of Nigeria Board of Internal Revenue or any other account created for such by the Driver’s License Centre.

This development eliminates the fraudulent activities that could have taken place if money is paid directly to the staff; thereby leading to increase in the internally generated revenue.


·        Present your application

After payment, present your application form to Nigeria Board of Internal Revenue Officer and also the Vehicle Inspection Officer at Driver’s License Centre for endorsement. That is to say that the officers will check if you have done the right thing.

·        Biometric capturing

If the applicant (Driver) was confirmed to have followed due process, he or she has to proceed to Nigeria Federal Road Safety Commission where Road Safety Officers will capture his/her biometric data.

·        Collect temporal driver’s license

Having undergone the process of data capturing, officers of the Driver’s License Centre will issue the driver a temporary license which will be valid for sixty days.

·        Collection of the original driver’s license

After sixty days, go to Nigeria Board of Internal Revenue and collect the original driver's license.

 The chains of steps in renewing a driver’s license have no doubt explained the easy way to renew drivers license; eliminated fraudulent activities in the system; thereby enhancing the Internal Generated Revenue of Nigeria Government.


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