How To Register Online For A TradeMark In Nigeria

Trademark or patent could be defined as a distinguishing name or symbol adopted by manufacturers in order to position their goods differently from others.

Trademarks enhance the unique sales proposition of a product thereby making it stand out among other brands of same product.

Manufacturers in Nigeria no doubt use trademarks to distinguish their products from others but still, most Nigerians come up with a trademark and commence using it without registration.

It is so because this group of persons are ignorant of the legal implications of an unregistered trademark.

Since no company has the monopoly of producing a particular goods in Nigeria, there is going to be unavoidable competition.

As a result of this development, one has to be pro-active by coming up with ideas that will make his or her products stand tall among so many other brands.

Trademark among others are some of distinguishing factors that position a brand of product ahead of others.

The law frowns at businessmen who use an unregistered trademark, so to be on a safe side, manufacturers in Nigeria are advised to register their trademark to avoid unnecessary pressure from relevant government agencies and possible litigation.

Trademark registration, unlike other registration, does not expire. That is to say that once it is registered, it is perpetual; you don’t need to come for renewal for any reason.


Every business in Nigeria should have a registered trademark as it helps customers to locate you. The authorized body in charge of issuance of a trademark in Nigeria is the Department of Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.

A lot of manufacturers may want to adopt a trademark for their products or services but may not know where and how to go about it. The directives below will be of great help to business men who want to register a business trademark in Nigeria.


Online registration

  • Register in the online portal of Nigeria trademark.
  • Click on download form where you will supply information about your company (public or private) requiring for registration of your business trade mark.
  • Scan a copy of the completed form.
  • Don’t forget to attach other relevant documents as instructed in the form.


Verify your intended trademark

  • You need to scan through the internet to discover if another business organization has adopted the trademark you are intending to register.
  • This is very crucial to avoid a situation where you will be beating about the bush trying to register an already registered trademark.
  • If you finally confirm that your trademark is not been used anywhere.
  • Scan the image of your intending trademark website.


Provide proof of identity

  • You have to scan and send your identity.
  • Documents such as Nigeria International passport, National Identity Card, Voter’s Card and others can serve for this purpose.
  • After verification, the staff in charge will register your trademark.
  • A certificate will be issued to you in respect of the trademark registration.


It is at this point that you are legally qualified to use the trademark on your products or for your services. Nigerian entrepreneurs should understand that trademark is important in order not to only distinguish your product but also position as well.

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