How To Apply For Spectrum License In Nigeria

Spectrum license is a broadcast permit granted to owners of the broadcast media to use radio frequency spectrum portion for broadcasting within a geographical location in Nigeria and any other part of the world.

This type of license is usually restricted from performing beyond approved limit; Nigeria is among the countries that issue this type of license to operators of media station.

However, it is not the duty of authorized agencies in Nigeria to impose a particular license to intending operators of media station; rather applicants on their own make the choice of their preferred license.

Such choice is subject to approval pending the confirmation of the size and the fittings of the media house. For instance, the operational certificate issued to Ray Power Radio will be superior to the one issued to University Radio Station. 

The modus operandi of spectrum licenses differs from one band to another.  Licensing and allocation of frequency in relation to spectrum license in Nigeria is not the responsibility of Nigeria Broadcasting commission’s; rather it is the responsibility of the Director of State Services.

Note that this does not mean that they are not regulated by National Broadcasting Commission, Nigeria Media Council, and others.


Applicants of spectrum license should understand that there is no unified means of application for a broadcast license rather each frequency has a method of its application that is unique to them.

The applicant is advised to go online to ascertain the established procedure for issuance of your category of spectrum license.


Requirements for obtaining spectrum license in Nigeria.

Nigerians who want to apply for spectrum license should ensure they provide the following requirements;

Pay application fee

  • Proceed to the authorized agency in charge of issuance of spectrum license to ascertain the amount payable in respect of the license as well as the account name and number for such payment.
  • After you have done that, provide evidence of payment to the office of the Director of State Services for certification and documentation.
  • Make a photocopy of the bank teller or the acknowledgement slip and keep for yourself in the case of an eventuality.


Provide evidence of certificate of incorporation

  • Before spectrum license is issued, the applicant must provide original and photocopy of the certificate of registration from Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC).
  • In addition, must also show the evidence of at least three years tax payment.


Provide your action plan

  • Provide a blueprint that spells your operational procedure.

This includes things like a breakdown of proposed radio network and radio antenna brochure, ensuring quality cable characteristics is involved and also an official letter of introduction from the ministry’s registered equipment dealer.


Mission statement of the organization

  • Provide the mission statement of the organization so as to understand its direction, philosophy and the intended goal for applying for spectrum license.

Spectrum license is a type of permit issued mainly to radio stations in Nigeria and which defines its operational frequency, transmitters as well as its reach.


The process of obtaining this license is rigorous; however, persons or corporate organization who will follow the guideline established above will hardly encounter difficulty in securing a spectrum license in Nigeria. 

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