How To Apply For Nigerian Communication Commission License: Class A Type and Individual License

Before the fourth republic, Nigeria was into the analogue system of communication. The Nigeria Telecommunication (NITEL) was the only authorized Telecommunication Company in the country during the period.

Communicating to people through Nigeria telecommunication services was nothing to write home about. However, with the introduction of Global System for Mobile (GSM) Telecommunication, people can now conveniently communicate with others at their own discretion.

In a bid to control the activities of these telecommunication giants, the Federal Government of Nigeria established Nigeria Communication Commission; this commission was charged with regulating the activities of the telecommunication operators in Nigeria.

Such activities include tariff control, issuance of the operational certificate and other things.

Before a Telecommunication Company commences operation in the country, it must have secured an operational license from Nigeria Communications Commission.

Individual license and Class A license are the two categories of license that are issued to the Telecommunication industry. The processes involved in securing an operational license for Telecommunication Company are as follows;


Pay registration fee

Any telecommunication company that wants to secure an operational license from the Nigeria Communications Commission should pay the sum of one thousand naira (₦1000) to the designated account.


Fill an Application Form

·        Download and fill the application form meant for registration of Telecommunication Companies.

·        Ensure the necessary information in the form is supplied as stipulated.

·        Produce two copies of the application form for official use.

·        You may also make extra copies for yourself in the case of an eventuality.


Attach copies of relevant documents:

Make photocopies of relevant documents, attach it together with the application form and spiral bind. Such photocopies should include;

·        Certificate of Incorporation.

·        Tax Clearance Certificate.

·        Certified true copy of Articles & Memorandum of Association.

·        Certified true copy of form CO7.

·        Two 2 Passport photographs of authorized representative.

·        Certificate of qualified technical staff.

·        Brief on the proposed service.

·        Passport photographs of Directors of the company/ Sole Proprietorship.

Applicants should spiral bond relevant photocopies of document assembled and forward same to the office of Nigeria Communications Commission.

At this point, the applicant will pay a License fee of Ten Thousand Naira (N10, 000.00) upon submission of applications.


Requirements for Individual License for Telecommunication Operation in Nigeria

Application fee

Persons interested in securing individual license should first indicate interest by paying the sum of one thousand naira (₦1000) only to the designated bank account.

Fill Application Form

After application fee, proceed to fill the application form for the class of license you are applying for.

·        Ensure the all the information is supplied as specified in the form.

·        Produce two copies of the form for official use.

Attach copies of the following relevant documents:

·        Certificate of Incorporation.

·        Tax Clearance Certificate.

·        Certified True Copy (CTC) of Articles & Memorandum of Association.

·        Certified True Copy (CTC) of Form CO7 (List of Company’s Directors).

·        Feasibility report of proposed service applied for (where applicable).

·        Three (3) Passport photographs of authorized representative.

·        Passport photographs of Directors of the company.

·         Certified True Copy (CTC) of Company’s registered address.

Applicants should produce three spiral bound document and submit to the commission. He or she should also ascertain the actual amount to be paid for the application.

A non-refundable administrative charge, which is 5% of the relevant license fee, would be paid upon submission of the form. The license fee is payable on approval of the application.

Obtaining operational certificate is a step in the right direction towards establishing a communication company. Operators interested in establishing this industry in Nigeria should procure the established requirements and forward as directed by the Nigeria Communications Commission.

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