Kaduna Businesses

Plot G, Industrial Estate, Kakuri, Kaduna South, Kaduna Nigeria
0905 000 4154

Arewa Textiles is a textile company located in Kaduna, that specializes on manufacturing and distribution of woolen based print textile material named arewa.

18a Nagogo Road, Off Rabah Road, Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
0814 259 0955, 0815 290 0450

Easygis is a consultancy firm that offer series of services such as internet map hosting services, mapping software, applications development, geographic and mapping data etc.

Plot C9, Kudendan Industrial Estate, Kaduna South, Kaduna, Nigeria
0802 390 5175, 0803 391 6484

Jafco Industries Limited is a subsidiary of UNIFOAM Group that offer sales of quality and durable foams with guaranty.

No 5 Lafia Road, GRA, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 233 23992

Kaduna State Development and Property Company Limited is a government parastatal that offers provision of affordable houses, prepare development plans & schemes and sales lands.

No 5 Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Opposite Street Joseph Catholic Church, Kakuri, Kaduna, Nigeria
0814 387 9171

Libracin Natural Medicine is a registered healthcare company that specialize in using herbal alternatives to treat health issues.

Ahmed Talib House, 18/19 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
0812 727 6497

New Nigeria Development Company offers provision of medium & long-term loans, equity participation, provision of bank guarantee, project planning & implementation, feasibility reports etc.

No 12, Maichibi Road, Kakuri Industrial Estate, Kaduna South Nigeria
0803 787 2491, 0909 286 1333, 0803 787 2491

Nexans Nocaco Company is a cable manufacturing company based in Kaduna, offering wide range of cables such as bare conductors, low voltage cables, flexible cables, control cables, pvc insulated, pvc sheathed non-armored control cables and others.

Ahmed Talib House, 18/19 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, Kaduna State
0812 727 6497

New Nigeria Development Company Limited (NNDC) is a body corporate formed for the economic development of the northern Nigeria with interest in many sectors of the economy including textile, solid minerals, oil & gas.

HH8 katsina Road, Before FIRS, Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
0805 254 7652, 0703 923 7226

PeterPan IT Solutions is a technology driven company that offer series of IT services ranging from software and hardware solutions, IT training, web development, and many others.

No 19a Inuwa Abdukadir Road, kakuri Industrial Estate, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 491 4058

Supasteel Limited is an engineering, procurement and construction company based in Kaduna, that specialized in steel fabrication, mechanical and piping installations and also the repair and maintenance of static and rotary equipment for process plants.

HH7 Fatima Plaza katsina Road, Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
0816 292 2214, 0813 434 4 175

TOBS-Digital Technology Centre provide wide range of IT services such as software and mobile application development, project research and writing, domain hosting, IT training, marketing, and lots more.

No.18/19 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna North, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 373 4435, 0803 787 1111, 0802 322 5648

Tunji Adeniyi & Company is a Nigerian estate surveyors and valuers in Kaduna, that offers professional consultancy services in the field of valuation of real estate, plants & machinery, chattels, facility management of real estates, real estate brokerage.

No. 3 Kachia Road, Mekara, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 388 3855

A G O Furniture Company is famous furniture store that specialize in making quality and fine design furnitures, their products are affordable.

5/7, Tahir Plaza, Nnamdi Azikiwe Express Way, Kaduna North, Kaduna, Nigeria
0806 810 7777

AB Mining and Construction Company is a coalition of experts that offer mining and construction services.

New Extension, Ungwan Maigero, Narayi, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 332 3020, 0803 472 6645

Afrinet BlueBreeze Centre is a famous event center that feature many functional facilities like sterile toilet, air conditioner, chairs, tables, microphone etc.

Suite 17, Aysha Shopping Complex, Kankiya Street, 12A Sultan Road, Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 787 1514

Aysha Investment and Supply Limited is a business establishment located Aysha Shopping Complex, Sultan road and supplies household products and daily needs.

Opposite Social Garden, Badiko, Kaduna, Nigeria
0903 218 8684, 0809 739 4833

Mega Holdings Nigeria Ltd popularly known as Bangisworld is an individual organization founded by Mr Ibm Bangis, an English spoken word poet, motivational speaker and the leader of Mega Hydra team specializing on personal development and self reflection.

Along Makera Road,, Kakuri, Kaduna South, Kaduna, Nigeria
0806 556 0647

Belphins Nigeria Limited is a registered business enterprise that specializes in processing and exporting ginger.

Suite 410, 4th Floor, Bank Of Industry (BOI) Building, 18 Muhammadu Buhari Way, Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
0802 932 9658

City Tech Ware is a technolgy driven company that provide recommendable IT services like hardware and software supply, installation and deployment, systems and network security, database design and implementation, business software development etc.

10B Maiduguri Road, Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
0902 444 4460

Dmalan Computers Nigeria Limited provide different types of information technology services such ICT consultancy, website design and development etc.

Sariki Avenue, off Gwari Road, Narayi, Kaduna Nigeria
0813 901 3437

Entrepreneur Helping Hand (EHH) offers entrepreneurship training programs that are aimed at encouraging, and supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youths residing around the area and Kaduna state at large.

16B, Kanta Road, Independence Way, Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
0806 054 7345

Euphoria Press is an enterprise that specializes in commercial printing, branding and product packaging.

3 Kachia Road, Mekara, Kaduna, Nigeria
0902 949 4953

FaLGates is a diversified company that produce nutritious rice and also they have milling machines that process the rice into finished product.

20A Bank Road, Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria
0813 776 0747

Fixable Systems Limited is one of the leading firm that provide innovative IT solutions to enhance business productivity and profitability.

No 1 C Gadas Road, Ungwan Sarki, Kaduna, Nigeria
0706 348 9807, 0805 844 1299

Graffitix Branding is a recommendable technology driven company that offer diversified services such as printing services, branding and product packaging.

No. 5 Sani Sani Sami Road, Malali, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 409 5770

Hanwa Lowcost Nain Mcs Limited is a general store that is situated along Sani Sami Road, Malali for sales of a wide variety of goods.

Kaduna-Zaria Road, Rigachikun, Malali, Kaduna Nigeria

Kaduna Trade And Investment Centre is an international trade fair complex where the state chamber of commerce organizes the annual trade fair event.

Former Guest inn Hotel, Rock Road by Market Road, Kabala Costain, Kaduna North, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 665 3701

Madus Production's Studio provide video coverage, film production, music documentary, TV and radio programs.

Nigerian Army Barracks, Ribadu Cantonment, Ungwan Kanawa, Kaduna, Nigeria

Mammy Market is a military barracks market comprising of different shops and stores that sell virtually all the daily need items and household products except home electronics.

Makera Road, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria
062 231370-1

Nigerian Brewery Plc is the largest brewery located in Kaduna, that supplies high quality brands such as Legend Extra Stout, Star Lager Beer, Amstel Malta, Maltina, Heineken lager Beer, non-alcohol brands and many other brands.

No 19 Korostreet, Bayan Dutce Chukun, Kaduna Nigeria
0818 302 7470

Oscar Shoes is a manufacturing company that specializes in making quality and fashionable shoes at affordable rate.

No 24 Constitution Road, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 442 6642, 0803 972 1789

Platinum Baman International is a market, social, opinion research and data collection agency in Nigeria with a global perspective.

Unit 1, 97/98 Kachia Road, Ahmed Talib Avenue, Kaduna, Kaduna
0807 138 3333

Property Squires is a real estate firm that provide numerous investment services ranging from investment advisory, property agent, management and lots more.

44B, Kanfego Behind Kaduna Textile Plc, Kaduna South, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 311 8296

Saaco Steel Construction Company Limited is a recommendable enterprise that specializes in steel fabrication and construction, they deliver an efficient services.

NR 27 Constitution Road, Kakuri, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 764 1864

Shutters Pack Interior is a competent interior decorator that is very good in color combination and amazing art affect.