Kaduna News and Media

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No. 1, Rabah Close, Malali GRA, Kaduna, Nigeria
0903 344 2116, 0818 930 1900

Daily Trust Newspaper is a newspaper publishing company in Nigeria with an office location in Kaduna where they produce periodical publications on happening in Nigeria, Africa and around the world.

No 5 Yakubu Gowon Way, Kaduna, Nigeria
0805 029 2929

Freedom Radio is an indigenous private radio station established in Kano with visions of being an excellent mouthpiece of the citizenry for expression of their views and protection of their values.

No G1 Kujama Close. Behind LEA Primary School, Trikania, Kaduna South, Nigeria
0704 055 5126

Hyai 89.5 FM is a media production company and radio station that is focused on broadcasting educational news and empowering the youths through education and entertainment.

1 Yusuf Aliyu Street, Barnawa GRA, Kaduna City, Kaduna Nigeria
0809 799 1989

Invicta FM is Kadunas first urban music radio station undertaking news, sports and entertainment programmes.

Kaduna News Online, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria

Kaduna News Online is a Kaduna based Nigeria information communication news publication platform delivering breaking and reliable news via news, politics, business, education, entertainment, health, technology, sport and more.

AN 20, Lagos Street, by Keeping Road, Kaduna, Nigerua
0811 695 4632

Tribune Online is one of oldest surviving newspaper in Nigeria and the online edition of other publications of African newspapers of Nigeria inclusive of Nigerian tribune, sunday tribune and saturday tribune.

College Road, Ungwan Dosa, Kaduna, Nigeria
0703 909 0157

Vision FM Radio is a media company that is owned and operated by Vision Media Services Limited that is basically into news, FM radio station broadcasting, and entertainments.

No 7 Yakubu Gowon, Kaduna North, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 451 5811, 06 224 5390

This Nigerian radio station offers broadcasting services on news, sports and entertainment programmes.

No 1. Wurno Road, Ungwan Sarkin Musulmi, Kaduna, Nigeria
0708 686 1947, 062 200 570, 062 200 573

Kaduna State Media Corporation is a radio broadcasting corporation that specialize on bringing entertainment and news on different areas such as sport, politics, adverts and other programs.

No 3 Kabir Road, GRA, Kaduna, Nigeria
0805 434 1662, 0803 598 1503

Liberty Radio 91.7 FM is a reputable news broadcasting media for radio news broadcasting, entertainment and sports.

No 3B Kabir Road, U/Rimi, Kaduna, Nigeria
0803 598 1503

Liberty TV is a TV station, media broadcasting news and current affairs driven platform strategically broadcasting from Kaduna to a global audience.