Kaduna Auto Dealers

16, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria
0703 364 3670

Mandilas Enterprises are predominantly concerned in the sales and service of Toyota vehicles. We also offer the provision for a wide range of first-class internationally renowned products and services, used in all spheres of life.

Plot 1144, PAN Drive Kakuri Indusrial Estate, Kaduna, Kaduna State Nigeria
0705 500 1000, 062-231131

Peugeot Automobile Nigerian Limited is an assembling auto plant in Kaduna for peugeot cars of all models.

01, After Rail, Ungwan Kanawa, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 3144 538, 0809 916 0057, 0805 446 6665

Admusa Motors Nigeria Limited deals on sales and supplies of quality fairly used and brand new cars and SUVs in Kaduna.

No. Cc 19 Mugadishu Industrial Layouts, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 311 2056, 062 248540

ASD Motors imited is a leading and respectable Distributor of Peugeot products in Nigeria with its operational headquarters in Kaduna.

Along WEAC Office Road, after Federal Secretariat, Hayan Banki, Kaduna, Nigeria

Bicycle Repairers Shop is a bicycle repair workshop where you can fix any fault your bicycle may have developed or purchase secondhand bicycles at affordable prices.

No 2 Yahaya Road, Ungwan Boro, Kaduna State
0703 852 1898

Dauran Nigeria is a car parking garage located directly off the street at Yahaya Road, Ungwan Boro, it provides parking lot for people who need it.

No 5, Gaskiya Road, Tudun Wada, Zaria, Kaduna Nigeria
0802 841 2090, 0803 210 9582, 0803 088 9553

Joe Best Motors offers services on sales and maintenance services on Peugeot brand of cars.

No 37/38 Dan Musa Road, Kaduna, Kaduna Nigeria
0803 929 5515

Noble Phonsus Automobile Spare Agency in Kaduna for sales of high quality auto-spare parts and accessories.

G 39, New Panteka Market Express Bypass, Panteka, Kaduna North, Nigeria
0803 529 7569

UC Holdings is an automobile business venture that is basically into sales and supply of car spare parts and accessories.