How To Renew A Government Official Stay In Nigeria

Just like other countries of the world, Nigeria accepts expatriates coming into her country especially government officials on a defined mission; such government official and other expatriates in Nigeria obtain and renew their stay from time to time.

It a global practice that government officials residing in countries that are not their own should obtain permit empowering them to live in such country for a specified period of time.


The official stay permit issued to expatriate though categorized differently is generally called Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card. This permit allows Aliens in Nigeria to live and go about the lawful duties within an agreed period of time.

CERPAC card is of two kinds and colors and which signifies different things. The one in Brown Color is issued to foreigners who are yet to naturalize in Nigeria while the one on Green Cover is for foreigners who have naturalized in Nigeria.

Foreigners coming to Nigeria for the first time will be issued the CERPAC passport on a brown cover.

There are conditions a foreigner living in Nigeria must meet in order to be issued the stay on the green cover which is Nigerian green card. Such person must have lived in the country for a minimum of 15 years.

Apart from this, such person must be a reputable person and must marry a Nigerian. Besides, the person must have in one way or the other contributed positively to the development of the country.

When these conditions are met, the foreigner will take the oath of allegiance after which a certificate of naturalization will be issued to him.

Requirement for renewal of government official stay in Nigeria

Applicant application letter

·        Foreigners intending to renew their government official stay in Nigeria are expected to write a formal letter to the office in-charge of renewing government official stay in Nigeria.

Such application will be backed up with a letter of request from the employer.

Official letter of request from the employer

The Government official is also expected to submit an official letter from the employer requesting for renewal of stay. Such letter should be able to address important issues like accepting immigration responsibility of the employee.

Letter of offer of appointment and letter of acceptance of the offer

·        Applicant for renewal of stay should provide photocopies of appointment letter and that of acceptance of the offer.

IMM22 form and three passports

·        Submit three copies of IMM22 forms and three passports photographs to the immigration office in-charge of renewal of that type stay permit in Nigeria.

Travelling passport

·        Submit your international passport alongside photocopies of your credentials to the office in-charge of issuance of a stay in Nigeria.

Representatives of government in Nigeria are by law to obtain which authenticate their stay for a specified period. This authorization is subject to renewable at the expiry date.

Expatriates may not know the laydown procedure for the renewal of permits, these directives will be of great help to government officials seeking to renew their Nigeria resident permit.

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