How To Apply For Nigerian Tourist Visa

The world is gradually giving preference to natural things than artificial; this is evidenced in the number of people who patronize tourist centres in various places in the world, and Nigeria isn’t left out either when it comes to tourist or tourist visas.

Tourism in a lay man’s understanding is going to attracting places for pleasure; it is a major source of income to some countries in the world.

International tourists no doubt contributes positively to the economy of the country by patronizing them in transportation, feeding, exchange, accommodation and other services that they can’t do without.

Nigeria is among the countries in West Africa that is rich in tourism, in places like Osun, Abuja, Ekiti, Kaduna, Calabar and others; there are rich tourist attraction sites which attract people from various part of the globe.

Foreigners coming into Nigeria no doubt require entry permit. This permit specifies the purpose of coming and the duration of stay and varies for different purposes.

The permit issued for business is not the same as the one issued for a temporay work permit and so on.

Most times, international tourists are being denied entry permit due to the fact that they did not meet the requirements for a tourist visa. It may not be because they can’t afford the basics for the visa but because they lack information about the requirements for a tourist visa.


This situation has led some persons to contract an agent which will mediate between them and the consulate. The agent knowing that you are a novice and is desperate for a visa; will charge you higher than the approved price just to obtain a visa for you.

Some consulates do not allow mediators but rather want the person concerned to appear in person; in this situation what the agent will do is to only advise you on the steps to take.

For the purpose of clarity, the guideline on how to obtain Nigerian tourist visa are explained below.


Requirement for a tourist visa in Nigeria

Apply online

·        Go online to apply for tourist visa.

·        Ensure you meet the requirements for the visa as specified in online portal of Nigeria consulate in your country.


Valid passport with minimum of 6months validity

·        You must present your international passport that is valid for at least 6 months to Nigeria consulate in your home country.

·        This serves as a proof of your identity and your country of origin.


Evidence of funds

·        Provide evidence of your bank statement of account.

This serves as proof to Nigeria consulate in your country of origin that you are financially capable of embarking on the journey.


Evidence of hotel reservation

Countries for security reasons will not want foreigners to begin to wander around in search of accommodation when they arrive.

·        Because of this, consulates will want a proof of hotel reservation before you will be issued a tourist visa.

Internet technology has made it easy for foreigners to pay online at the comfort of their home country.


Valid airline returns tickets

·        You will present your return ticket to the consulate as a proof of your readiness for the journey.



Obtaining Nigerian tourist visa is easy if you have sound knowledge of the requirement. Follow these directives and save yourself the stress and money that could have been wasted in search of solution to your visa problem.

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