How To Apply For Nigeria Subject To Regularizations (STR) Visa

Subject to regularization visa is a kind of permit given to expatriates seeking to live and work in Nigeria or other countries for a particular period of time.

This type of visa is issued to foreigners intending to work in private establishments, non-profit organizations and individuals intending to establish a firm in Nigeria.

The reason for regulating the caliber of persons with this kind of visa is to avoid foreigners coming to take up profitable jobs in Nigeria when the government is still struggling to meet up with the employment needs of the citizens.

Most times people get confused over the difference between subject to regularization visa, business visa, and temporal work permit.

However, the difference is that subject to regularization visa is for expatriates seeking for non-profitable jobs in Nigeria, business visa is for contract negotiation, meetings and not paid employment while temporal work permit visa is for skilled workers and others who employed for a short period of time.

Subject to regularization visa is required of foreigners seeking to take up employment in Nigeria whether employed by individuals, corporate bodies or government.

Expatriates intending to take up a job in Nigeria are advised to follow the directives below to secure STR visa.


Requirements for issuance of Subject to regularization visa

Online registration

·        After you have made the approved payment to the designated bank account, proceed to download and complete form IMM/22.

This is the first step that leads to subsequent steps in the process; Nigeria consulate in applicant’s home country will request for the acknowledgment slip as a proof of payment.


Valid passport

·        Provide valid traveling passport of your country of origin.

·        The passport should be valid to at least for a minimum of six calendar months.


Letter of employment

·        Nigerian consulate in your country of origin will demand a letter of employment from your employer.

This will serve as evidence that you are actually coming for the specified business and not for any other whatsoever.


Expatriate quota approval

·        Applicant will also be asked to provide expatriate quota approval from the office of Ministry of Interior.


Credentials of the applicant

·        Expatriates seeking for a subject to regularization visa should also submit clear photocopies of their credentials to Nigerian consulate in their country of origin.

Note that the originals of the credentials shall be demanded at Nigeria embassy as a means of authentication of your credibility before issuing you a visa.


Curriculum Vitae or Resume

·        Applicant for a subject to regularization visa should also provide his curriculum vitae (CV). 

This should contain information in the photocopies of your credentials.


Copy of minutes of a meeting

·        This is for chief executive officer of companies only as it will provide information about the business and why you want to work in Nigeria.


Subject for regularization visa is specifically for foreigners intending to travel to Nigeria to take up a nonprofit job for a period of time.

This very visa can easily be procured from Nigerian Missions in the countries where applicants are domiciled for at least six (6) months.

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