How To Apply For A Stay Permit For Nigerian Wives

Aliens (women) married to Nigerians (men) obtain permit showing that they have naturalized in the country. Such permit qualifies them to participate in anything other citizens are doing including to vote or be voted for in an election.

This policy is not only applicable in Nigeria but also other countries of the world. That is to say that Nigerian ladies married to other countries automatically become citizens of such country and are issued a permit which allows them to move around freely and perform other lawful activities just like other citizens of the country.

Applying for stay permit for Nigeria wives is easy unlike their western counterparts where it is difficult to obtain such permit because of stringent laws; it only requires a couple of requirement which is easy to meet.

Such requirement includes;

Formal letter from Nigeria husband to the authorities concerned

·        Nigerians marrying outside the country are by law expected to write an official letter to the embassy and the Nigeria immigration service command Abuja informing them that he has legally gotten married to his spouse(non-Nigerian) and is requesting for an official permit on her behalf to enable Nigeria government to recognize her as her citizen by marriage.

Such letter should also address the issue of immigration responsibility.

Formal letter from the wife

·        It is also expected that the foreign lady married to a Nigerian should write an official letter to the relevant authorities expressing that she has been legally married to a Nigerian and praying for the government to authenticate her citizenship by giving her the constituted permit for such marriage.


·        Such letter must include credible information about her Nigerian husband; she may seek the services of a legal practitioner to avoid supplying information that will mar the entire application.


Photocopies of husband’s passport

·        Provide copies of first five pages of your Nigerian husband’s passport; this will be used to access the information you supply concerning your Nigerian husband in your letter.


Provide evidence that you are legally married

·        Here, you are expected to supply a photocopy of the certificate of marriage issued by a recognized church or by a competent court of law.


Fill IMM22 form

·        Go to the office of the comptroller Nigeria immigration service command Abuja and fill the IMM22 form.

·        Ensure the information supplied in the form is credible and submit back to the authority together with other requirements as soon as you are done with the filling.

·        Don’t forget to affix three passport photographs to the documents.


Submit your passport

·        The applicant should also submit his national passport to alongside the documents submitted. Remember that permits are usually placed on a page of the National passport.

·        Applicants are advised to assemble the requirement in an envelope before submitting to the authorities concerned.

Foreigners who became Nigerian citizens by virtue of marriage require the approval of such marriage from the government of Nigeria.


Such approval/permit will to a great extent authenticate her citizenship in Nigeria and which will give her the legal right to participate in anything other Nigerian citizens can participate in. 

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