How To Apply For Nigerian Diplomatic Visa

In Nigeria and other parts of the world, visas are categorized according to its purpose, this entails that Visa for business is quite different from that of tourism, diplomatic visa or temporary working permit.

It is unlawful to use visa designed for a particular purpose for a different purpose. However, there are situations which may allow a person to use a visa designed for a particular purpose to achieve two or more things at the same time.

For instance, one with a business visa which allows him to stay for three months can as well achieve his tourism need by visiting any of the tourist centres within the specified period of time.


What is diplomatic visa?

A diplomat is a representative of a sovereign nation in another country, it is a type of traveling document that is specifically issued to top government official, their families, members of international organisations and other related persons.

This type of visa is reserved solely for high government officials representing the country in various capacities in other countries like Ambassadors, High commissioners and related others fall under this category of persons that are qualified for a diplomatic visa.

Obtaining diplomatic visa in Nigeria is more technical than other types of visa. It requires very few but important things for qualified persons to obtain one.


Requirement for Nigeria Diplomatic Visa

Online application

·        Those qualified to obtain diplomatic visa in Nigeria is expected to log in the visiting country’s website to fill the requirements.

·        Apply to the Nigerian embassy through the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

·        Scan, attach the necessary documents and proceed to the consulate of Nigeria in the country to deposit the hard copy of the documents. Sometimes, Nigerian consulates do demand for both originals and photocopies of the necessary documents for confirmation.


Valid standard, official or diplomatic passport

·        Provide official diplomatic passport issued to you by the government of your country whom you are representing in Nigeria.

·        This serves as proof of identity and also your originality as a bonafide citizen of a particular country.


Diplomatic note

·        A diplomat applying for visa in Nigeria is required by law to present a diplomatic note from the ministry of external affairs to the host country.


Go for interview

·        There are situations which Nigeria consular may demand that you have oral interview with him after you have filled the necessary documents.

·        You are advised to equip yourself with sound knowledge of the office you are representing, your purpose of travelling and other things.

·        Don’t forget to go with your passport, originals and photocopies of your credentials and other important things relating to your diplomatic office or your travel as it may be demanded.


Prior to internet technology, a lot of Nigerians including diplomats finds it uneasy to obtain visa.

However, this era of information technology has enhanced the way things are done including the process of visa application.

Diplomats who need Nigeria diplomatic visa can easy obtain one following the guideline established above. 

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