How To Apply For A Nigerian Business Visa

Nigeria is among the countries that are largely into local and international business, cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, and others are the domain of most of these local and international businesses; Nigerian visa has also become one of the most sought after because of its numerous business opportunities.

Business investors coming to Nigeria or going out the country for business purposes falls in this category of international business while those transacting business within the country is classified as local business men.  

Visa is a form of surveillance established by the government of various countries to monitor the activities of non-immigrants coming into the country, the purpose of coming into the country is always specified in the visa as well as the allowable duration.

Business visa is a permit issued by the government of a country to business men to transact business in their country for a specified period of time; It is a permit authorizing business merchants to come into a country and stay for a specified period of time for the sole purpose of a business transaction.

Business visa is meant for foreigners coming into a country that is not their country of origin for the purpose of a business transaction. This kind of visa is valid for 90 days (3 months) and can be extended, but is not valid for employment.

Requirement for Nigeria business visa

Online application form

·        You have to apply online to Nigeria consulate in your country.

·        Fill in the necessary information and scan the required documents as required by the consulate.

Most times, you will still visit the consulate with your valid international passport after you have filled the online form.


Proof of registration of business

For a foreigner to obtain a permit to transact business in Nigeria within a given period, he must show evidence of registration of his business.

·        Such registration will spell the name of the business, its nature and the type of goods or services they deal on.

·        He will also provide a certificate of incorporation issued to the company inviting him to Nigeria for business. This is to avoid fraudulent practice among the parties.


Evidence of sufficient funds

·        As one into international trade, you must provide bank statement of account showing you have sufficient money in your business account to transact the type of business you are going for.

·        Apart from the money for a business transaction, you have to show extra money that will take care of your feeding and accommodation and other expenditures that might crop up during your stay in Nigeria.

Most times the consulate will request for evidence of hotel reservation.


Valid international passport

·        You must present your valid international passport to the authorities concerned as proof of citizenship so that the business visa which is always a seal or stamp will be placed on it.

·        Such passport must be valid for at least 6 months.


A valid return ticket

·        You have to provide your return ticket showing you have actually paid for flight to and fro.

A letter of invitation from a company in Nigeria

·        You must provide a copy of invitation letter written to you by the company you intend transacting business with to come and patronize them.


Business cover letter

·        Your company will write the consulate identifying you as their staff, your position and your purpose of traveling.

·        Such letter must address issues concerning immigration responsibility.


A whole lot of times, foreigners who want to come to Nigeria for the purpose of business transaction find it difficult to obtain a business permit due to ignorance of the procedure to secure that.

These directives will guide foreigners planning to come to Nigeria for a business transaction on how to apply for a business visa without any hurdles.

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