How To Retain Customers In Nigerian Businesses

Your customer is that individual or a business partner that patronizes you or rather that buys your goods and services. In Nigeria, any business that has no customers dies off unexpectedly because it’s the level of patronage in every business that encourages the owner(s) to forge ahead.

Getting customer in your business is the major thing but another important strategy is retaining the customers that you have got; listed below are some noble schemes one can instigate to hold on to customers in Nigerian businesses of any kind.



Good interaction with customers

The way you communicate with your customers determines whether they will continue to patronize you or not because bad communication is a relationship killer, due to this effect one has to adopt good manner to interact with the people that consume his or her goods and make use of its services.

There is a saying that "customers are always right" so even when they under-price or bargain low in your goods or services always be polite in order to maintain the relationship with your clients.


Discount on products and services

Nigerian businesses are becoming more and more competitive no matter the type or dimension. What you need in your business to attract more customers is to devise better systems that will make them have good trust in your products and services, and letting others know about you and your business will become their own role to play.

Giving a discount on certain products once in a while is a kind of showing your customers that you care and this short term incentive you give to your customers will not hurt your bottom line instead it will draw more people to your business.


Always reach out to customer's feedback

Customer's feedbacks are survey forms with a set of questions or requests which are sent from email, so it is very necessary to improve the way your customers reach out to you.

Actionable customer's feedback helps to make a better business decision, stop reoccurring problems in your business, improve the satisfaction of customers and reduce agitation from customers.

This could be done best by email, social media or phone survey because the world is going more digital and many Nigerian customers now open email through their mobile phone to enhance their business relationship and to get easy feedback; once feedbacks are been collected from customers give them option of leaving their contact information.

If you reach out to your customers through social networks, it will also become an added advantage and an easier way of selling and introducing new products to your clients far and near.


All the above customers' relationship management is very important because that will lead to rapid growth in your business. Customer's retention helps a lot in competitive consumer markets because customer choice decisions are the root of business survival.


 Therefore using the above moral systems in maintaining your clients determines the profitability of the business; so there is need to retain your customers using good services in order to keep your business going.

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