How to Manage Day to Day Business Challenges in Nigeria

Business challenge management is the act of controlling the short-comings of business organisation in order for it to continue existing and making dividend in the competitive market.

Most businesses in Nigeria and some African countries failed due to lack of experienced managers to take care of the challenges it faced in its channels of a business transaction. 

The best management approach in this situation is to be pro-active in tackling challenges facing the business organisation. Proper management of a business guarantees profitability both financially and otherwise.

In Nigeria, for one to succeed in business challenge management, there is a need to have a good knowledge of his or her employees as well as the customers. However, for management to be successful, it requires specialised problem-solving skills.


Here are ways to effectively manage business challenges in Nigeria and most African marketplace.

  • Building a Management Team

Businesses in Nigeria and other African countries no doubt face challenges of having the right people for the management team.


A business organisation in this situation should employ the services of experienced people with right skills on how to take the company to its new height.

The people chosen must have experience and positive attributes needed for the smooth running of the business organisation. A good management team for Nigerian business should always plan ahead of time as the company expands.

The business organisation should always consider what exceptional skills may be needed upfront and providing it timely.


  • Supervising and Motivating Employees

For a business team to manage a business effectively, they should endeavour to be good listeners as well as teachers. Employees’ needs proper direction so as to understand what is expected of them.

The team should give them the opportunity to voice their opinions. Endeavour to program with them bearing in mind that employees can provide benefiting suggestion if they are being given the opportunity.

Also motivating the employees boost their morale and makes them believe that their efforts are recognised thereby trying to put more efforts for the success of the company.


  • Allocating Resources

Every decision a business organisation takes affects the output of the organisation negatively or positively. The business planning process is critical to achieving efficient resource allocation as it enables managers to prioritise expenses. Allocating its resources judiciously will to a great extent maximise output.


  • Continual Improvement

As the world continues to experience dynamism on daily basis, Nigerian businesses should try to update all aspects of their operations. This is because relaxing much with present performance may lead to falling behind competitors that are more aggressively improving their products, customer service levels and profit margins.

This is because relaxing much with present performance may lead to falling behind competitors that are more aggressively improving their products, customer service levels and profit margins.

Managers should always put this factor into consideration so as to make the business sustainable as well as profitable.


  • Adjusting to Changing Conditions

Business managers in Nigeria should always keep in mind that firms are highly affected by their environment.

Managers should employ an experienced public relations practitioner who will always come up with suitable strategies to ensure the business environment is always favourable to the organisation, customers and also employees.


  • Anticipating Trends

In Nigeria today, the developing aspect of management is being able to spot emerging opportunities such as new products or services, new dimensions to an existing trend, potential customers, new channels of distribution that could boost sales, new technologies which could make the company more efficient and others.


Meanwhile, a business organisation has to be focused and dedicated to formulating a long-range vision for the business organisation.


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