Business Tips For Nigerian Businesswomen

Prior to this recent times, the culture of women operating only in the kitchen was in vogue but with changes in time and the need for equality, most women have engaged in both small and large scale business, politics and more.

Nigerian women are not left out, as most are already or beginning to venture into various businesses, be it sole proprietorship or partnership, the ideal thing is that women to a reasonable extent are now into business.

There is a need to guide women who are into various businesses so as to be successful;

Nigerian women should note that coordinate relationship makes a business, women who relate with their customers often, most times become successful in business.

Women should focus on the desired business goals in order not to be distracted by circumstances within and around the business environment or even at home.

The language you use in running your business to a large extent contributes to the success of the business organisation.

For instance, some bankers and security men in banking premises will tell customers “welcome to our bank” when you conclude your transactions, they will tell you “thank you for banking with us”. This alone can lure a passive customer to begin to patronise the bank.

Women who think their business is not progressing should be encouraged and should take a different approach to the business and see what comes out of it.

More so, a well-articulated business plan and effective management of business time will help Nigerian women to be successful in business.

Women entrepreneur is becoming a broad-based driver of economic growth in our country Nigeria today mainly in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt; important business tips can assist Nigeria women venturing into businesses nowadays to understand fully the etiquettes in such trade because some women may have what it takes to start up a business but may not know where and how to start.

A Nigerian woman cannot possibly invest in upholstery or transportation because the management must surely be poor but when you think of Nigerian women and businesses, you can think of the following:

Wedding and event management, salon and hair styling, jewelry and bead making, restaurant business, rental services, childcare and nanny, printing services, interior decoration, cake making and much more.

They are all ideal for any Nigerian entrepreneur and all of them require a different business plan and financial risk which is a crucial element in any business.

Using an example of the above statement say a Nigerian business woman wishes to invest in poultry business, she gets all the things necessary to start it and after getting everything ready, buys an old chicken of about 20 in number at the rate of ₦200 each just for a start and after three months she decides to sell them at the rate ₦500 each without losing any of them.

So during the second round she gets 50 pieces of the same sizes as the initial one but in the process the raining season sets in and unfortunately she lost 30 out of them she doesn’t have to draw back because it is just a business risk and any business that risk is not involved cannot yield a better end.

In all these, self-confidence is the major key that will help Nigerian women both young and old who wishes to develop and start their own businesses on their own. Women who wish to become entrepreneurs should equally prepare themselves for financial risks with the hope of gaining it in return.

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