How To Invest And Make Money Work For You In Nigeria

Investing in Nigeria is simple and it entails putting money together with your time and endeavor into something with an expectation of getting profit in return.

Investment is what Nigerians call "using money to make money". This is so because you can't be expecting what you did not cultivate to grow for you.

To start any investment in Nigeria, the goals must be clearly stated and the budget plan written out somewhere, then you must have known what your monthly income looks like and what you could save per month for complete one year.

Then if you are such a person who could save something reasonable every month that means you can equally invest the money and it will start working to gain something in return for you the future.

There are several ways by which one can invest in Nigeria and make the money work to yield profit:


Investing as an individual into a personal business

From your monthly saving which will add to something at the end of the year you can open up a daycare center or a small scale school business pending on what you have as savings.


Real estate business is another profitable investment in Nigeria today that most people venture into nowadays due to its high record of profit so far.

Buying landed properties, shopping plazas, and other related properties and then keeping them on rentage could be very profitable and will equally give you the chance of starting another business with whatever you make out of it. 

There are several other businesses you can fit into as an individual to get profit in return provided that you are business oriented. Some of them are cyber café business and photocopying, hairdressing salon, blogging, online business, restaurant, and food café, transportation and other wide varieties of Nigerian businesses that are not mentioned here.


Partnership investment

You can invest with trusted friends or partners but in this case, one has to be extremely careful because of untrustworthy partners and cheats.

If you are venturing in partner with friends, business colleagues, brother or whoever there should be concrete business agreement written and documented because people change at intervals especially when dealing with money.


Invest through companies in the listed Nigerian stock exchange

You can invest in the thriving Nigerian companies scheduled on the stock exchange that requests for individuals who could invest with them just to gain resources and become successful in the competitive market.

It is beneficial because you may not be involved in daily activities of the company and yet you become a shareholder that will equally benefit from your own return on investment after yearly successful achievement.


Always bear in mind that an investor is a risk taker so before you decide on the area(s) you want to invest in, you should know the risk behind such venture once you can be able to take the risk it implies that you can invest in such business.

Even when the risk is high in the way you have chosen to follow do not panic because once the risk is high, the return on the investment will also be high and so the potential for becoming successful.

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