How To Create A Workable Marketing Sales Strategy For Nigerian Business

Sales strategy is a well-articulated plan to lure customers to patronise products or services of a business; it focuses more on making a sale rather than increasing the visibility of the organisation.

The success of businesses in Nigeria and some other countries in Africa to a great extent depends on the strategies adopted in managing the affairs of the business organisation and as a result of this, sales professionals in Nigeria need to develop a good strategy so as to attract customers to patronise their business.

These guidelines are provided to assist business owners, sales professionals and sales managers when creating a workable sales strategy for any Nigerian business.

Decide upon which channel you want to use:

In Nigeria, the major plan in sales business is the decision on the method you want to use in selling your products and services.

There are major ways of making sales which include online or internet sales or direct sales used by many Nigerian retailers. Other methods include telemarketing, direct mail and then sales through agents which are mainly used by manufacturers.

Telemarketing is mainly used in business to business sales services but the conversation rate seems to be too low, on the other hand, direct mailing method in other words called e-mail marketing is becoming an effective digital marketing strategy which allows business owners to send one -on-one messages and automated messages to customers.

The disadvantage is that it has a low conversation too but is less invasive compared to the telesales.


Research for the prospective customers:

The success or failure of business organizations emanates from the customers. This is because they are the consumers of the products.

Business organizations in Nigeria and some countries in Africa who want to be successful in their business activities should endeavour to come up with credible sales strategies that will reasonably boost sales of their products.

Be it an individual or corporate organizations, there is a need to research into the customer to ascertain what they want, how they want it and when they want it. This will help in meeting the demands of the prospective customers timely.

Don’t forget that taking the customers for granted is as good as jeopardizing your business organization.


Learn To Be Persistent:

Sometimes, Nigeria businesses encounter challenges which sometimes disrupt its transactions. Such challenges include things like customers dissuading other customers as a result of dissatisfaction over one business transaction or another, making greedy demands that were not initially part of the business transaction, refusing to pay money on time and many others.

Try to be pro-active by fashioning a way out so that this type of situation will not affect the business.

Learn to move forward no matter the situation.


Talk to an authority:

Ensure you are transacting business with an opinion leader of the business organization. This is necessary because they are the decision makers and the signatories of the organization.  Research the stakeholders of the business organization before giving out your sales presentations.


Make your customers see the need to use your product: 

Use words that make the customer feel he or she must patronise you. Such words that lure customers are things like - your new product instead of our product.

It creates a picture that he or she is already in possession of the product; in this case, you have approached the right clients who could patronize the business then be realistic and straight forward as you use convincing words that will actually draw their attentions to the products or services.

Sales strategy is dependent on your marketing and general business plan; it generally stands upon how you ought to section your target market, fund your marketing activities and then convey the initial goals for the marketing plans.

No business can jump into product sales without mapping out the sales strategies, and to become successful is the essence of this plan which this guide have provided above.

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