How To Sell Your Business Services and Products Through Adverts In Nigeria

An advertisement is a visual or an audio form of publicity to employ an openly sponsored message to promote goods and services; creating an advertisement and choosing placement is important because it offers better marketing communication to potential buyers.

It is essential to know that if you want to draw more customers to your business, the advertisment technique should be effective and enticing as well. Some business entrepreneurs in Nigeria often seek for the best ways to sell a business through an advert, below are some basic steps that can help:

  • When writing your advert, remember to make it concise and meaningful because prospective buyers are reading the text. Try and include an essential information and also ensure you include the business type, location and price range.

Here is a typical example of a concise ad: "producer of automotive lubricants serving automotive company" instead of "a production company that produces all types of vehicle oil for automotive companies across Nigeria".

In terms of location, assuming the business is located in a small town were few others exist, don’t start the location with the exact location e.g. Ada Gorge road Rumueme simply put Rumueme Portharcourt.


  • The business in question should be in great consideration when it comes to the details of the business which includes the buisness selling points as it will make one's buisness to be known more and better by new and existing customers/buyers.

Also, state the attributes that will make your business attractive to customers using suitable adjectives that can stand up to inspection in case warranty accuracy need to be signed in future. You can use some of the following famous, renowned or well regarded production company, "fast growing and beneficial" and many others you may think of.


  • You should make a review and erase any language that oversells your business such as “rush to grab” etc., as this language may deter some potential buyers from inquiring more about your business. Note that advertising language is meant to generate enough interest for the prospective buyers, so as to call for more enquiries.


  • Remember to place your advertisement in your local newspaper, consider targeting a few different communities in your state to attract a larger pool of buyers.


  • Another important way is to place your advertisement online. However, there are certain websites and directories in Nigeria that connect business buyers and sellers such as These websites are generally less expensive than advertising in print publications, here you should be able to know if your local print publications offer online advertising too.

No matter how meaningful you want the business description to appear in your advertisement whether online or in a local newspaper, try and compress the caption to be short and convey the important information.

Always try out a better and unique way to sell your business other than the usual way other businesses are been advertised for this will make your own stand out among others.

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