Easiest Ways to Prepare Fresh Coconut Oil in Your Home

The importance of coconut oil can never be over-emphasized, as it has numerous health benefits. Why not learn how to prepare your homemade coconut oil today and enjoy the health benefits?


Below are the ways to prepare your fresh coconut oil.


(1) Remove the husk


The first step to take while preparing your fresh coconut oil is to remove the husk. It is also known as coconut shell, and you should use a matured coconut while doing your coconut oil since you will extract more oil from it. 


The husk or shell of a coconut can be removed in many ways, like rapping the coconut on a clean cloth then use a hard object like a hammer to hit it gently around the coconut until the shell comes out. 


You can also use your dagger or knife to break it. Still, the disadvantage of this method is that it will waste coconut water, you won't be able to drink it. Remember that coconut water is nutritional; it helps you to dehydrate.


(2) Grate The Coconut


After removing the coconut shell, the next thing to do is to grate the coconut. There are so many ways you can grind your coconut. You can use the local method or blender. 


The local method of grating your coconut includes pounding it in the mortar or using a hand grater to scrape it. At the same time, the modern way of grating your coconut is by slicing it into smaller size and putting it in the blender to grate.


(3) Soak and Stain


The next step after grating your coconut is the soak and stain stage. In this stage, you add water to the already grated coconut mixture. 


The amount of water you add to the coconut will be according to the number of coconuts you are using. 


For example, you should know that about 3 to 4 coconuts will give you about 50 grams of oil. So while adding your water, use like a litre of water, and also it is advisable that you use warm water because it makes it easy for you to handle very well and squeeze out the juice. 


At this stage, you add your water to it and squeeze out the coconut juice using a sieve or a cheesecloth. 


If you are using a cheesecloth, all you need to do is tie it on a clean bowel or container, pour the mixture inside it, tie the mouth, and squeeze out the coconut juice.


(4) Heat


The heating stage is the fourth stage in preparing coconut oil. There is no much work at this stage. All you do is warm the mixture extracted from the coconut after separating it from its shreds. 


While warming the mixture, stir it and don't boil too much before bringing it down.


(5) Cooling


After bringing down the hot mixture, allows it to cool. If possible, you can even put it in the refrigerator to chill for some time before bringing it out. Doing this will make it easy for you and faster as well.


(6) Skim


After bringing out the mixture, which is already excellent, the next thing to do is skim it. It has to do with removing the fat layer, which you will see on top of the coconut mixture, which is fantastic.


You can remove this fat layer by using a spoon or other related thing that allows you to do it, such as casting iron skin the fat off and putting it in a pot.


Cast iron is a hard, relatively brittle allow and carbon it can help you remove the fat layer in the mixture. 


(7) Boiling


Put the pot containing the fat-layered mixture on the fire and boil for about 45 to one hour. 


While the mixture is boiling, you will notice that there is a change. It will start turning brown then you can easily see the oil separating from the brown particles, which is a result of the burnt part of the coconut shreds. 


One important thing we must know about this stage is that the mixture's size determines the period of boiling the mixture. 


As I stated earlier on the third stage of this method determines the number of coconuts used or the amount of mixture we can extract. 


In some cases, if the mixture is small, you don't have to wait for one hour to bring out the pot. 


Once you see that the oil is already coming out, all you do is bring it out, not minding the hour or minute it lasts. Don't forget to lower the heat while boiling it.


(8) Strain and cool


You are coming to the last and final stage of how to prepare fresh coconut oil. You should start to sieve the mixture after bringing it down from the fire. You have to use a sieve to separate the leftover particles and your coconut oil. 


Place a bowel, or a clean container on the floor, put your sieve on top of the container, then pour your mixture in it to separate your oil from the burnt shred. After that, keep your oil in a cool place and allow it to cool. 


Being able to state the most acceptable ways to prepare fresh coconut oil in the house; there is a related question that people usually ask, for example:


What are the health benefits of coconut oil?


Coconut oil has benefits such as protecting the body from candids and it improves immunity as well. 


Coconut oil is also used for cooking as it helps indigestion. Also, it is in use for dental care, skincare, stress relief. Again, it improves brain function, moisturizes the skin, and finally, it helps you lose weight and many other numerous parts.


Final words


Having discussed the numerous stages we undergo to extract coconut oil, and we can see that nothing good comes easy. 


We find out that some people may think it will be easier to just cook raw coconut to get the oil. We have to follow the due process listed above to get our coconut oil.


Most of us don't know that coconut has a health benefit. Therefore, it is simpler to use the stipulated process listed above to get our coconut oil and enjoy all the health benefits.

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