Smart Ways You Can Spot Fake Love

The word "Love" is now common in our society today that people, especially the youth, get confused and find it difficult to dictate genuine and fake love. 


Below are some clever ways that will help you spot fake love and not make mistakes in life.


(1) Non-Communication


Non-communication is the best way to dictate if your partner loves you or is faking it. A good relationship is strictly about effective communication. It reminds us of the saying that effective communication is the life spring of every healthy relationship. 


Once your partner is unwilling to talk to you or impart information effectively, it means that they are faking the love. 

 The ability to express oneself freely without holding back is an attribute of love. It is not there, and the love is not genuine. 


(2) During Conflict


Conflict is the time to know if a person loves you or is faking the love. The truth is that there is no relationship without conflict, but the main thing is how to resolve it when it suffices. 


If someone loves you, they will not want to lose you. The person will do everything humanly possible to see that you resolve the issue, even if it means begging you if they are not the one that offends you. 


The reverse is the case if the person doesn't love you. Even if you beg the person, they will refuse to show you that they don't love you and are faking the love.


(3) Empty Promise 


Knowing that the person did not love you once you start noticing the threat of an unfulfilling promise. 


Anyone who genuinely loves you will want to keep to the promise, but to show that their interest is not there and they are faking the love.


They will keep on giving excuses why they did not fulfil their promise, and again, they don't bother about that. Immediately you notice this sign, know that the love is fake.


(4) Plays With Feelings and Emotions


If you notice that your partner doesn't care about your feelings, know that they don't love you. 


Love is all about caring and lending a listening ear; someone can't claim that they love you and not border about your innermost feelings. 


Love is not selfish, neither is it fake; it is always pure from the deepest part of the heart. 


If you dictate that your partner plays a carefree attitude to your feelings and emotions, know that they did not love you, and they are just pretending that they love you.


(5) Hiding You


Someone that loves you will not want to hide you from people. If the person starts to hide you, you don't mean anything to them, and they don't value you. 


It means that you are not worth showing off to them; moreover, if someone loves you, they will be happy to introduce you to their friends and family, but when the reverse is the case, they will automatically become ashamed of you. 


If you observe these things in your relationship, know that the love is fake.


(6) Fake Love is Boastful


Which means the act of being proud; genuine love is humble and meek. In other words, it means that if someone truly loves you, they don't have to be proud of themselves as being more important than any other thing. 


Some fake lovers, terms to be too full of themselves, brag about what they have and what they can do. 


Whenever this sign is spotted, know that it is fake and can never be real. This person never accepts their mistakes.


(7) Showing Up Only When You are Needed


Fake lovers only show up whenever they want you to do something for them. They call you or chat up when they need your help, and after that, they disappear. Someone who loves you will not be self-centred. 


Girls under this category only go for the guy's money, and after eating it, they will run, while the guys in this category will only want to sleep with the girl and run away. 


This type of love can be a parasite relationship whereby one party only gets while the other loses.


(8) Only do Things According to Their Wish


Anybody who doesn't love will never consider your wish, and they will always want to have their way in all things. 


They don't care what your idea is; all they know is that they are good with their concept. Once you notice this, see that it is not loved at all. It is fake and can never be real. 


Often, this set of people concludes and take the law into their hands without considering their partner.


 If your partner or anybody around you is begging to display this character, know that they don't love you and only show you fake love.


(9) Mood Swing


Mood swing is the fluctuation and change of mood. Whenever you notice that someone has this unsteady character towards you, know that it is fake love. 


Most of the time, people pretend to be happy before they know it. They are angry. When they become unpredictable, you hardly know what their next plan will be or their following action. 


Fear anybody with this attitude, and they are not realistic because it is exhibiting fake love.


(10) Unconcern


Unconcerned is the feeling of indifference. Whenever you notice a carefree attitude, it means that it is fake love. Anybody that did not love will always display less interest in anything that concerns you. 


They will not want to contribute to anything, and they will not want to involve themselves in any matter regarding you. Once you see this or find out, know that love is fake and will not last.


(11) Fake Love is Credit Grabber and Excessively 


They mean that fake love is ungrateful and does not express gratitude. When someone doesn't appreciate you or give you credit when you do something good, it means they did not love you. In other words, they hate you. 


If you start noticing this character, know that it is fake love. You can't love somebody without acknowledging every little thing that the person does. In some cases, they will not thank you if you do something for them.


How Do I Deal With Fake Love?


The best way to deal with fake love is to avoid anyone who has that treat. Once you dictate all ill manner behaviour or strange attitude from someone, please stay away from them, again don't stick around them thinking that you can change them. 


Don't forget that anyone who doesn't love you can hurt you. Finally, keep your secret to yourself; don't disclose it.


Bottom Line

Since we have stipulated all the attributes of fake love, we should pay attention to every attitude around us because all that glitter is not gold. 


Again, do not be deceived by the problematic behaviour of anyone. Take every character listed above very seriously, as it will go a long way to help you in dictating fake love. 


Often people are misled with the quote, "Love is blind, and it overcomes all shortcomings" most times, it doesn't work like that because some of these shortcomings can signify that the person did not love you. Be guided when it comes to the "Love issue".

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