Effective Ways to Boost Your Hair Growth

If you always experience hair breakage which makes the hair stunt all the time and you have different essential hair oils but none of them seems to be a solution. This article provides 10 easy and effective ways that can help you improve or boost your hair growth.


1. Avoid Much Sugar & Salt Intake

Intake of a large amount of sugar can cause hair loss and baldness. From a scientific research conducted some years back, it was discovered that people that have insulin resistance due to consuming too much sugar especially refined sugar have bald hair.

The high sugar diets help to promote inflammation which can affect androgens negatively when in excess, as the hormone is found in both men and women and helps to bind the follicles of the hair, thus making the hair to fall out when imbalanced.

On the other hand, salt contains two important minerals such as iodine and sodium which contribute to hair growth, but when iodine becomes deficient it can lead to hair loss and when sodium is in excess it can also lead to hair loss due to its ability to prevent other essential minerals that aid in hair growth from penetrating into the hair follicles by building up deposit of sodium around it.

Therefore,  to optimum benefits, adequate consumption of both sugar and salt is beneficial, as either its deficiency or excessiveness cause hair loss.


2. Avoid Taking Alcohol in Excess

Excessive intake of alcohol has shown a negative effect on the hair.

When alcohol is taken in excess, it can leads to the deficiency of zinc which is the major cause of hair loss due to its ability to prevent the mineral from being absorbed well.

Again, when the chemical substances present in tobacco such as toxins is been inhaled into the body, no part of the body will be exempted from its side effects.

The hair follicles suffer loss and balding from tobacco due to its ability to increase the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in the body either when smoked or inhaled which causes the hair to thin out.

Therefore to help boost the growth of your hair and make it full, reduce your alcoholic intake, and take adequate zinc supplement or rich foods including also folic acid which will help in promoting the cells of hair and making them healthy.


3. Do not Shampoo Your Hair Often

Normally, shampooing the hair helps to wash out oil and dirt in the hair and is known to have no side effects especially when natural based shampooing products are used.

But because recent studies have shown that modern types of shampoo contain more chemical ingredients than they use to have and can even help in promoting hair loss by the chemicals weakening the hair follicles and making them fall off when used often.

So when the shampoo is used in its concentrated state or applied on the hair regularly, it causes hair breakage. Avoid using shampoo constantly especially in thick form, and to be on the safer side use shampoos made from natural ingredients.


4. Massage Your Scalp Regularly

Massaging the hair scalp 5mins daily helps to improve the strength of the hair roots because it helps to promote the circulation of blood to the scalp by stimulating the blood vessels which does not only nourishes the scalp but also provide a healthy platform for new hair growth.

It can be done either with the hands or with an electric vibrator, massaging the scalp is necessary to boost hair strength and prevent hair breakage or balding, so try to do this frequently to keep the hair growing and re-growing.


5. Avoid Stress

Stress in NO WAY affects our health positively, it affects our body in all aspects negatively which also includes the hair.

Mental and physical stress are great factors affecting hair growth.

Conversely, high level of stress causes alopecia areata causes the body's immune system to fight its own hair follicles (the hair and body inclusive) thereby causing hair loss which is characterised by sudden baldness or bald patches.

On the other hand, mental labour such as anxiety can also cause hair loss. Which is why it is necessary to avoid severe mental stress and mental labour to allow your hair to grow well.

Although hair loss caused by alopecia areata can be treated to a minimal, it still has no permanent cure so while you are undergoing stress, remember it affects you in all ramification and should try as much as possible to reduce or even avoid it if its possible.


6. Eat Healthily

Just as we need food for growth and development, so does our hair, and as the body requires certain nutrients for proper functioning, so does the hair too.

The hair needs some essential nutrient such as minerals like zinc and iron for proper growth, as well as sodium, iodine etc.

Foods rich in protein and minerals help to promote fast hair growth and keep the hair strong. To achieve a better result, make sure that you complement your daily meals with more protein and the necessary mineral rich food or supplements.


7. Exercise Often

Exercise is just more than good for the overall health, it helps in strengthening the mental and emotional health as well as very vital for man’s wellbeing.

Regular exercising of the body improves blood circulation throughout the body. And when the circulation increases, it stimulates growth in the hair follicles.

This is very necessary because poor blood circulation in the scalp causes the hair root to shrink and die off thereby causing hair loss.


8. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple-cider vinegar contains acetic acid that helps to maintain hair growth.

Use apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a rinser in order to remove remains from the accumulation of other hair products you have used on the hair but first dilute it with water because it is expensive and acidic.

It also helps to keep the hair shiny while maintaining proper hair growth, its silky nature and ease when combing.

Excessive use of this can cause more harm than good, use in moderation (once in a while) and get the best result.


9. Avoid Chlorine

Swimming pools are always treated with chlorine to remove harmful bacteria from the water and most of us like using the swimming pool to catch fun and keep fit.

This is good but try to rinse your hair as soon as you finish swimming in the pool to avoid hair loss or breakage because it makes the hair dry by removing the oil (natural lubricant) in it which is known as sebum.

And also know that chlorine acts a bleaching agent, which means that its effect on the hair can result in changing the hair colour, making it lighter than the normal colour.


10. Avoid Prolong Sunlight Exposure

You might have heard that sunlight contains vitamin D which is advantageous to the human body including the hair as it is to plants. On the contrary, avoid overexposing the hair to the sunlight because it causes hair brittleness which affects hair growth.

The rays from the UVA and UVB damages the hair strands as well when exposed to the sun for long making it look brittle and dry.

You can try to avoid this by covering your hair with a hat, scarf and with the use of an umbrella.


What Can Stimulate My Hair?

Massaging your hair is one of the ways you can stimulate it by increasing the flow/circulation of blood to the hair scalp, which in turn helps in promoting a healthy hair growth.

You can effectively use your hand or use a hair stimulator.

How Can I Grow My Hair Naturally?

Growing your hair naturally is one of the latest trends which frees the hair of some chemicals which destroys it, and is rather being promoted using natural hair care products.

To grow a natural hair is not simpler than it looks but it is always for the best.

  • You have to trim your hair regularly to give space for the new ones, or you can have a low hair low cut once and for all.
  • Avoid using hot combs, curly and other heating tools that can damage the hair.
  • Substitute your shampoo with the natural one in order to avoid chemicals which can damage or bleach the hair
  • Use various natural hair care products which will supply the hair with the minerals it needs to grow.

These and more, are some of the ways you can grow your hair effectively, in a natural way.



Following these 10 easy-way guides will actually help the lost hair to regrow and become full. When you pay proper attention to the guide and keep the instructions, surely you will get a positive result.

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