Better Ways Most People Can Fall Asleep Faster

It is a natural phenomenon anywhere in the world that human beings sleep in order to rest and continue with their endless human activities; sleep makes the body and mind to relax, giving way to pressures accumulated in the day’s struggle to be eased out.

It is quite obvious that some persons can sleep very easily while some still find it difficult to do so; some who sleep wake up too early while some wake up so late.

However, it is better to sleep well and longer as sleeping less than the expected normal sleeping hours could be for reason that could be emotional, mental, medications, diet or stress.


However, there are better ways to fall asleep faster, simple and naturally which is explained below;


1.  Take Your Bath Few Minutes Before Your Bedtime

Ensure you take your bath a few minutes to the time you want to sleep.

This will cool your body both internally and externally and make you fall asleep in a few minutes as you lay your head on the bed.

Studies have shown as well that taking your bath constantly (making it a routine) before sleep will make your body to always be in expectant that sleep is the next your agenda.


2.  Take Your Mind Off Worries

Some people in their daily struggle to make ends meet encounter a lot of frustration which leaves them worried at the end of the day.

Worrying and anxiety counter our sleeping pattern, which results in either not sleeping well or not sleeping at all.

In as much as this might be difficult to do, for the sake of your health, it is always recommended to try as much as possible to have a relaxed mind; take your mind off worries and allow sleep to creep it.

This can be achieved by washing or even better submerging your face in a cool water as it will help in stimulating the nervous system making you calm down, feel at ease and more relaxed.

Remember! Worrying do more harm than good.


3.  Do A Relaxation Exercise

Relaxation exercise such as muscle relaxation and deep breathing helps one to get his or her mind off worries and awakens the nerves to make the body system to work effectively.

This can be done by tensing the body muscles either from head to toe or the other way round and then relaxing for a while before repeating the same act.

Experiments have shown that this has proven effective especially when other vital tips are included such as giving yourself an acupuncture.

The body system after the exercise makes you feel sleepy as soon as possible.


4.  Lie On Your Bed And Stop Talking To Anyone

Once you are on your bed and not communicating with anyone, sleep will gradually come.

You might be ready to sleep but talking can send the wrong signal to the brain that you aren’t ready and this can either lead to sleeping late or not to feel sleepy at all.

You can also sleep faster when you are lost in your world of fantasy; dream of those places especially your favourite spots where you would love to go to, the impossible trip/vacation which you have always imagine and wished it could be possibly be achieved etc.

This helps to distract you from your thoughts at least for that moment and sleep faster than expected.


5.  Put Off The Light In Your Room

This is for the category of persons that can't sleep with the lights on. Try to put off the lights or anything that reflects in your eyes.

This includes TV as well as other digital screens which are known to suppress the hormone which induces sleep known as melatonin due to the device’s ability to release blue light rays which the natural filters in our eyes cannot protect.

When it’s being done, sleep will gradually creep in.


6.  Have Sex

This can be an option for those who are married especially; history has shown that most persons after having sex feel sleepy.

Having sex helps to improve hormones such as oxytocin which is known also as a “hormone of love” it acts as a binder, binding you with your loved one like your partner in this case.

It also helps in lowering the stress hormone known as cortisol and producing prolactin, a hormone which is released during orgasm which makes one feel happy, relaxed and as well sleepy.

So if you want to sleep very soon, have a good round of sex with your partner.


7.  Stop Looking At The Time

Checking the time often increases anxiety, troubles the mind and makes one stay awake; if it is the type that makes a sound when it ticks try to remove the sound, or even better hide the clock where you can’t conveniently look at it.

If not, this scenario of constant ticking might be reminding you of the popular children’s rhyme “Tick says the Time” which in this case is true for you as you are quickly idling away your precious sleeping time.

To sleep fast, keep your watch/clock, even your phones away from your bed and sleep will take over in a short period of time.


8.  Tidy Up Your Room

An untidy environment can cause anxiety in some persons as there will be a lot of things to worry about.

Tidying up your environment including your room will also help in cooling it as it will allow the passage of fresh air which can make you feel relaxed and once you are comfortable, you can sleep easily.

It has been studied that when the room is cool, dark and comfortable for you, your body itself gets cooled as well and that can make you fall asleep easier as the brain itself produces more of the sleeping hormone -  melatonin in the dark, and this condition makes the brain believe that it is time to fall asleep.


9.  Play Soft Music

Lots of research have shown that soft music like blues, classical music and others genres especially soft music makes one fall asleep faster.

Just as singing a baby to sleep works, so also listening to soft music enhances the ability for sleep to take over as it helps in suppressing depression and makes your body feel relaxed by reducing the heart rate.


10.  Practice Reverse Psychology

In as much as this might be a surprise to many, it is still a good news to let you know that it works, has worked for many who have had issues/difficulty sleeping, and is still working.

“Reverse Psychology” in this context simply means that for you to be able to sleep or quickly fall asleep, you have to try to be awake.

As stupid as this may sound, it has been proven scientifically and it has shown great results especially in people who have insomnia.

So when you want to fall asleep faster, don’t try so hard to sleep as you are more likely to fail in this attempt, do the exact opposite and you are likely to succeed.

Although it may not be a long lasting solution, it can serve as a better alternative for the meantime while you work on a long-lasting solution.


11.  Warm Your Feet With Socks

You can hardly sleep when you have cold feet, due to the fact that the circulation of blood in your extremities which includes your hands are at a reduced rate.

Therefore, in this case, wearing of socks/hand gloves help to keep your feet/hands warm by increasing the flow/circulation of blood in those areas.

When your extremities are warm, it is likely to send a signal to the brain that it is time to sleep.


12. Sleep on Your Left Side

As difficult as it seems, our sleeping position has a long way to either make us sleep faster and better or not.

Though some persons can conveniently sleep in any position, for a better health and wellbeing it is recommended to sleep more on the left side as also is the case for pregnant women.

It is so because of the positions of the vital organs in the body which also helps to improve its functions while we sleep.

The advantages of sleeping on the left side includes and is not limited to the ability of the specific body organs to strengthen the lymphatic system, promote the circulation of blood as well as digestion, help to reduce heartburn as well as relieve back pain and prevent the growing uterus in pregnant women from firmly pressing on the liver, the fetus and kidney.


How to Make Your Kids Sleep Faster

Having issues sleeping is not only for the adult, as most times children might encounter such difficulty sleeping especially at night and in cases where the child had an afternoon nap.


1. Create a Relaxation Technique

But is it still possible to make such as child sleep faster? Yes! it is.  This can be done by using a relaxation technique for the child such as making him/her count 1-100, which will likely make him/her drift away even before reaching the end.

But in the case he/she didn’t, a larger number like 1-500 should be tried and so on.

You can also teach them other relaxation techniques like taking herbal tea, practising a deep breath and writing a journal.


2. Discourage Eating Late

This act should also be discouraged among the adults as well, it is advised to eat at least two hours before bedtime in order to give the digestive system the ability to digest properly the food we have consumed.

Eating late might alter your ability to sleep, as your body would still be digesting food at the time you would have been sleeping.


3. Bedtime Routine

Having a bedtime routine can also work in this case, this includes time to eat, brush, bath, make your beds and much more.

When this is practised constantly, the brain will always receive the responses that the time for sleep is nigh.


4. Lively Bedroom

The children room should be lively, colourful and peaceful at the same time. Let the pictures in the room be inviting and they should easily access their favourite sleeping items like dolls, teddy bears especially for girls, blankets and so on.


These and other sleep hygiene have a long way to help, as it encourages fast and better sleep among children.


Is it Safer to Sleep with Medication?

Many people who find it difficult to sleep resort to medications in order to achieve a better result, as the natural means of sleeping is not realizable.

It works but it is not safe, as a long-term use of some drugs can result from mild to severe complications and other health defects and conditions.

However, the explanations above have proved them wrong as it has been tried by some people and has proven to make them sleep faster and without fear of side effects.


Can I Be Able To Fall Asleep When Not Tired?

As impossible as it may sound, you can make yourself fall asleep even when you are not tired.

You can use various relaxation techniques such as the breathing exercise etc., to put yourself in the mood to sleep.



Are you having difficulty falling asleep due to the fact that you are not feeling sleepy or tired? or when there could be an underlying cause for your poor sleep?.

This article has provided you with all the information you need to get a better sleep amidst your worries and anxieties which have possibly ruled out taking medicines which can cause adverse effects later, as all the mentioned tips are natural and effective.

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