Ways You Can Increase Your Fitness Level at Work

It is normal to feel dull and weak after working for a whole day and the idea of going to the gym to exercise your body is very good but may not be convenient for you.

But don’t worry, there are other simple workouts you can do while at work to increase your physical health and maintain general fitness level, as this article will serve as a guide and help your sedentary lifestyle.


Easy Ways You Can Increase Your Fitness Level at Work


1. Walk Around A Bit

The world has gone digital that while you are at work you can communicate with your co-workers' online using email or other platforms.

It is very okay but it is more beneficial and healthwise for you to get up and walk over to the desk of your co-workers to pass messages across instead of using email.

It is important to walk around the office for some minutes while at work especially when you are getting tired and stressed up on your desk. You will notice that you have gained extra strength after the little walk and this will contribute to increasing the speed by which you work with.

When you walk around even to the shortest distance, you are also strengthening your muscles and bones thereby making you fit at work.


2. Use the Stairs Instead

Do you know that climbing up to 8 flights of the staircase in a day helps to reduce the average early mortality risk by the estimated value of 33%?.

Do not use elevators instead climb the stair for health reasons. Climbing the stairs helps to keep the heart healthy as well as the improving the muscles and bone strength.

While at work, forget about using elevators to ease the stress of looking for a fitness centre after work.


3. Do Some Stretching

Don’t sit on your desk with hands on the computer for the whole of the day.

Try to perform some simple exercises, such as shoulder rolls or abs tightening, while you are on duty.

Shoulder rolls and abs stretching will help to reduce pains and stiffness in the shoulder areas as well as accumulated tension and stress.

Other simple exercises you can do while sitting in your office are leg lifting, arms stretching, ankle rotation and adjusting your buttocks for some seconds on the seat to strengthen the hips area.


4. Take An Extra Daily Steps

If you have a ride, try to park it in the farthest spot so as to help you walk some steps to get into the office and repeat the same after you might have closed for the day's work.

You may consider the few extra daily steps from this distance as little but it really adds up to improve your fitness.

It will help you to maintain normal body weight, strengthen the bones and prevent some diseases relating to the heart when practised daily.


5. Rarely Miss Your Break Time

Our health is as important to us as our work, so while we try our best to be efficient in what we do, we should also consider what is good for the body.

When we work and don’t have time to relax or rest even for some few minutes, we are indirectly over stressing our body, as we are mentally, morally, physically and socially dedicated to our work.

To help in relieving the stress of the few hours we have worked and be made fit for the rest of our remaining hours, we should try as much as possible not to miss our break time.

Depending on how tight the job might be, the break time might be the only way we can exercise and strengthen the body, eat and replenish that which we have lost, so when you don’t make use of such opportunity, our fitness at work will surely be tampered on.


6. Maintain a Good Posture

Keeping a good posture at work may be quite difficult, as most times we are being carried away by our tedious jobs which later leave us with body pains and aches.

But when we consider our fitness at work, we have to make sure we improve and maintain a good posture, some of the postures we have to consider are as follows;

  • Keep Your Head Straight And Not Tilted

This will help you make sure that the ears are in line with the shoulders. This will make sure you avoid sloppy position and keep your shoulder at rest. Also, make sure that your arms and elbow are perfectly resting on your working desk or chair.


  • Maintain A Good Leg Posture

It may be a little difficult but it is beneficial, at work it is necessary you avoid keeping your legs crossed, shifting them backwards or sticking them forwards, rather let the knees and feet form a right angle making sure your feet are flat on the ground.


  • Support Your Spine

Our spine should be protected and supported in every way we can.

There are different designs of desks and chairs which may not help in supporting our spine and keep our back straight.

So in this case, you can help yourself in supporting the spine with a lumbar support pillow, this will help in providing us with the right sitting posture.


7. Reduce Sedentary Behaviour

Avoid sitting down all day at work, have some few minutes to walk around.

Prolong sitting is not good at all for the health as it has been linked to many ill health conditions and as well can help to triggers such like obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

To reduce this, try as much as possible to walk around, stand etc., you can even have a standing meeting rather than sitting down. It will help strengthen your muscles and relieve you of some work tensions.


How Can I Achieve Fitness at Work When My Scheduled Is Tight?

In this case, it might be difficult, especially when there is a project which needs to be completed on or before time.

But nevertheless, you should always remember that when you breakdown due to stress, the work still remains undone or better assigned to another person.

So while your work might be tight, you still have to steal some few minutes to exercise yourself. you can excuse yourself to the restroom etc., or even have a snappy break time which is better than not having at all.

You should always remember that your health matters most and that you have to keep fit not just for yourself but your work as well.



Always look for simple activities like the ones mentioned above which you can do on a daily basis while at work to improve your fitness. People literally understand fitness activities as sports but that is not what it means.

Some little things you do daily may never count to you as fitness activities but they have been proven scientifically to be mostly associated with improved health and fitness.

Applying the tips above at work will keep you physically and mentally fit. You can still make out time to the gym, but it is a simple way to add to your fitness goal.

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