Starting a Lucrative Solar Energy Business In Nigeria

How to Start a Lucrative Solar Energy Business In Nigeria

Solar power is the transformation of sunlight into electricity. This business is gradually becoming popular in Nigeria due to inadequate power supply witnessedin all parts of the country. Obtaining a solar energy is Nigeria is still expensive; however, those who want to start this business may use the following advice.

A step in the right direction for starting any business is coming up with a good business plan that suits the business. A good plan should answer the general question that is likely to come up with the business cycle. It should be a detailed analysis of how to run the business. 

The Steps are as follows:

Look for a strategic place and locate your business premises or store as a point of contact. Consider locating your office in an area where there is no power as a lot of persons living there will be tempted to patronise you.


Register your business with relevant government ministries or agencies to avoid any form of interruption or court action.


Since these involve knowledge of how to handle electricity and electrical matters, and then there is a tendency that you must learn how to master this aspect of the business. Technical know-how is extremely important for this kind of business since it involves a lot of electrical wiring. You can offset this area if you can hire or employ experienced electricians to work with you.


Search for wholesalers or an importer who deals on the necessary parts for solar energy such as solar batteries, inverters, battery stands, solar panels and electrical connectors. Relate to them to get a better offer or you can liaise with them for a possibility of getting the goods on credit while you pay them afterwards. 


You have to set an example by installing solar energy in your office and home. When neighbours see that it’s working, they will approach you to come and set up their own. Also, talk to individuals and organisation about it and also advertise your business in classified ads, online ads and flyers. 


Power challenge has always been a major barrier to the economic development in Nigeria. The introduction of solar energy in Nigeria will to a great extent help in solving the country’s electricity problem which has continued to affect its economic growth in due time and will also create another avenue for much-needed jobs if fully utilised.

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