How Startups Can Start a Lucrative Furniture Shop in Nigeria

How to Start a Cabinet or Furniture Shop in Nigeria

Cabinet shop is a store where house furniture and other household item used for interior design is sold. The beauty of a new house is not only on the exterior but also the interior decorations. Most times, the interior fittings of a new building will almost worth the price of the building itself. 

People who want to pack into a new building need a place where they will be sleeping, a place to hang their clothes, something to seat on in the parlour, a place where food will be served and other important household furniture and equipment.

Nigeria is one of the countries in West Africa where expensive buildings are springing up in various part of the country. These buildings which come in various sizes and designs can be evaluated based on the quality of its interior decoration and the fittings. The kitchen is another place in a house where the cabinet is needed not only to bring out the aesthetics in the apartment; rather the cabinets contain cubicles and drawer where some cooking utensils and other items are stored.


Opening a cabinet shop is costly due to the fact that you need to procure expensive cabinets and other household décor that would most likely interest Nigerians with high taste. This business to some Nigerians is not lucrative considering the fact that new houses are not equipped on daily basis, this is not true considering the fact that apart from private individuals, federal, states and even local governments in Nigeria usually embarking in housing project thereby placing an order for cabinet and interior décor.


However, the established guideline will assist Nigerians who may develop an interest to invest in this business. 


Choose a strategic site

There is need to target your target customers by choosing a site located along a new developing estate or in a place which is inhabited mostly by rich men. This will expose them to see new designs of cabinet and interior décor. Rich men most time refurbish their buildings even when the fittings are still very much in order.

Design your site

This is a business that is mainly patronized by the wealthy in the society; therefore you need to package the environment in a way to appear expensive. You can design and decorate a showroom where modern designs of cabinets will be displayed for customers to view and make their choice.

Locate dealers or producers of cabinet fittings

You have to establish link with importers of quality cabinet and other house hold; furniture including interior décor. Also, try to get in touch with indigenous producers of quality house cabinets.

Advertise your business

Let the world know about your cabinet shop by advertising it on radio, television, billboard, posters, newspapers and magazines and through online listing in a local business directory such as If the size of your cabinet shop is large, you may consider paying for air space in a radio house where people will call you in a phone in program to ask questions about your cabinet shop.


Operating a cabinet shop can be profitable if the business owner can raise enough funds to purchase high quality cabinet that would most likely be patronized by the wealthy. Moreover, he should widely publicize his business with medium that will easily reach the wealthy and average man in the society.

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