How to Start a Football Gear and Equipment Shop in Nigeria

How to Start a Football Shop in Nigeria

Sports are one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. This business does not only generates sufficient money for the talented but also enhances their popularity; making them have fans all over the world. 

An average Nigerian is either a fan of one football club or the other. The zeal of Nigerians in football can be measured with the level of patronage of betting shops Before now, Nigerians have less interest in soccer; those into it are perceived as lazy people that can hardly survive. However, this perception began to change when citizens began to lift trophies for the country during competitions. 

Football apparels and equipment shop is the business of trading on various types of soccer pieces of equipment and accessories such as balls, jersey, net, whistle, boot, and so on. Football is a reigning sport in Nigeria with an uncountable number of fans. States, local government’s communities and individuals do establish soccer club which competes with their counterparts during soccer seasons. 

The popularity of soccer sports in Nigeria has made those operating soccer shops to continue experiencing progress in the business. However, there are still thousand and one Nigerians who want to open soccer shop but have no good idea of how to go about it. The guide provided below is to assist such persons in order to excel in the business.


Purchase quality football accessories

The location of your sports shop does not matter much in this business. What matters is the quality of football accessories you are dealing on. Most times Nigerians deal with inferior sports accessories which do not last. Purchasing high-quality soccer accessories will be of great benefit to your business as people will always find their way to your shop once they know you are dealing with quality materials.


Advertise your football shop

Remember that a lot of people may not be aware of your sports shop; therefore make it a public notice by using radio jingle, billboard advert, social media and online listing in the business directory. Target your customers by airing the jingle before network news every morning as a lot of people in Nigeria listen to the radio in the morning before going out for their businesses. Take the extra step to meet managers of soccer clubs and partner with them to supply soccer accessories to their club. Promise them of financial reward if they patronize your business.


Reduce your price

It would be wise you reduce your price at the take-off of your sports shop in order to attract customers. However, you can increase your price when the shop starts booming.


Maintain good public relations

Public relation says there is need to establish a relationship with people before you need them. Therefore make friend with soccer leaders such as team managers, coaches, and commissioner for sports, minister for sports and other authorities in sports. With the closeness, they will find it difficult to reject your application if you want to supply them soccer accessories.


The plan you have before establishing a soccer shop determines how successful it turns out to be. For one to make more profit from his soccer shop, he must not rely on customers’ patronage in the shop but rather should make a step further by identifying with authorities in sports so as to patronize his business.

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