Tips on How to Open a Good Travel Agency Office in Nigeria

How to Open a Travel Agency Office in Nigeria

The travel agency is the business of providing travel related services to clients. Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that is largely into international business and as a result always in need of the services of travel agencies. 

Individuals intending to travel for the first time greatly depend on the services of travel agencies to get the necessary documents and information as well, therefore creating avenues and opportunties to start this lucrative business.

A lot of Nigerians desire to open a travel agency business but not everyone knows the tips for its successful operation. 


Here are some basics on how to operate a travel agency in Nigeria. 

Draw a business plan

The first thing to do when planning to start the business is to come up with the plan on how you want the business to look like. The size, location, resources and so on will be clearly spelt out in theplan.

Rent an office 

You have to rent an office in a city with many embassies and airport as most people travelling will always come around. 

Make the necessary inquiry

Relate with other travel agencies to ascertain how they operate. You can alternatively apply to work for a popular travel agency as a lot of knowledge will be gained during the period of time you spend working with them. 

Advertise your business 

Communicate the existence of your business through a combination of media such as radio, newspapers, magazines, social networks, posters, fliers etc. This will no doubt attract Nigerians who may be anovice in this area to patronise your business. 

Work as an agent to a bigger company 

Since you may not be popular at the start to compete with other agencies that have long existed and has generated enough revenue from the business, endeavour to align your business with them. By doing so, you will get to know and also increase your knowledge in the business. 

Enrol with travel agencies union 

Register with the union of this professional organisation as this will boost your credibility and popularity as well. Through professional organisations, you will get in contact with other superior travel agencies who will like to partner with you. 

Compensate regular customers 

Work out a means of compensating regular customers as this will encourage them to patronise you the next time.

Open a business bank account 

Open a business account with any of the commercial banks. This will help you to easily perform business transactions without any interference to your personal account. 

Register your business 

There is a need for you to accord legal backing to your business. This is why you should register your business with relevant government ministry or agency preferably Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission.

Managing travel agency business can be challenging to someone with little or no experience, however, experienced persons in the business enjoy it and makes enough business profit. The guidelines explained above will assist those in the business and also those planning to start up the business.

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