Ways to Start a Successful Shop in Nigeria

How to Start a Successful Shop in Nigeria

The difficult aspect of starting a business in Nigeria is planning. Planning commences by addressing the first economic problem which is what to produce. This entails that it is in the planning that you address the issue of the type of business to engage in.

Most people in Nigeria operate shop business. By shop business, I mean businesses that can be done indoor. Such businesses include provision and cosmetics shop, hair dressing saloon, boutique, etc. Shop business to novice is easy to operate; however, it is not as easy as it appears to be.

There are uncountable challenges militating against shop operators in Nigeria which makes it difficult for them to meet their targets in the business.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that all shop operator in Nigeria encounter difficult challenges in transacting their business. If some shop owners are successful amidst others, it means there is something extra ordinary they did which the unsuccessful shop owners failed to address.

Nigerians are business oriented and as a result, will continue to venture into new businesses on daily basis. Moreover, average Nigerian believes that even if others failed in a particular business, he will succeed as his God will help him to make it. This could only be possible if you have done something extra that gives you an edge over competitors. 


Well, it will be nice for us to come up with some of the tips that will help Nigerians to be successful in operating their shop business.

Consider a suitable location

The location of a shop business determines how successful it becomes. Locating your business in the areas that are close to your target customers and locating your business close to people who have made money and name will certainly affect your business negatively. A wise businessman who wants to be successful will source for a shop close to potential customers that is a little far from the rich men in the business.


Deal on quality products

As a beginner in shop business, you need to ensure that all your products or services are of high quality. This will attract customers to come and patronize you whenever they need what you have as they are sure that what you will give them is original.


Reduce your price

Consider selling at a reduced price. This is the most effective form of advertising. Once people are sure you have quality products and sell at a reduced price, they will not only continue to patronize you but will inform their friends and closed once about your shop and price tag. This does not mean you have to sell below your cost price in order to attract customers but to sell a little lower than others in the same business. 


Don’t sell your goods on credit

Most businesses have liquidated because of selling on credit. It is better you have your goods in your shop than to sell on credit and create enmity with your customer while trying to recover your debt. Customers are in the habit of not patronizing you once you offer them credit.


Knowing the right thing to do before establishing a shop business is the first step towards succeeding in the business. Nigerians planning to invest in this type of business are advised to borrow a leaf from the directives above in order to be successful.


Consider opening an online shop

Opening or creating a website to sell goods or services online is the norm these days since more and more people are buying online. Setting up an e-commerce clothing store can be a good idea since it can open more ways to sell your products in local directories, search engines and social media platforms were buyers can be easily reached.


Any method you choose to market your shop bet it online or offline, added with goals and good aspirations will surely make it a successful venture.

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