How To Apply Good Business Communication In Nigeria Businesses

Business communication could be defined as the transfer of information, ideas, and opinion to the workers and potential customers of a business organization about their products or services geared towards an increase in patronage.

Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa that is business oriented. As lots of Nigerians are into import and export business, others are into a local trade. Whether local or international, the most important thing is that you make sufficient profit out of your business.

Every business organization in Nigeria requires an uninterrupted two-way process of information flow for it to be successful. By two-way process information, it means the flow of information from the business organization to the potential customers and the feedback of those customers in respect of their perception of the goods or services.

Customers see feedback as an opportunity to program with the business organization, but most times, businesses in Nigeria suffer set back as a result of lack of effective communication; this could be attributed to taking the potential customers for granted.

For a business to succeed in Nigeria; there is a need to enhance the communication channels of the business organization. Communication channels when enhanced bring the potential customers in proximity with the business organization.

This may sound absurd to a novice in business; however, some business organizations will still like to apply this in their daily activities.

The guides below will be of great help to Nigeria businessmen and women who want to enhance their business communication skills.


Pay attention always

Pay attention to your workers when they speak irrespective of what might be your opinion; this gives them the feeling that you respect them as well as their opinion.


Avoid distractions

When you engage in a meeting, face to face or even in written communication system, don’t engage in activities that will distract you such as pressing of phones, watching movies on your phone, sleeping, discussing with a colleague etc. However, you can be putting some points down to avoid forgetting some of the information passed across.

However, you can be putting some points down to avoid forgetting some of the information passed across.


One-on-One Communication

Some communication systems lack in the area of knowing the expression of your customer or the person you are talking with, the facial expression of the person involved helps one understands the situation better than someone communicating from a mobile phone and that is why one-on-one communication system is preferable in this case.


Maintain your promise

The problem with most business organizations is that their products or services don’t live up to its promise. Some business organizations might promise to get back to their customers with the information needed or may promise a refund if the product doesn’t work only to fail to do it.

Often times, business organizations that use such persuading promises to lure customers do end up disappointing them; causing a breakdown in communication. Therefore, avoid promises you can’t keep.


A sense of belonging

Make your workers see the business not as your business but as “Our business”. This will make them put in their best for the success of the business organization.

Devote your time to work together with your workers on a project of their choice which will be directed by them and not you; all for the benefit of the organization.


Communication no doubt remains the pivot upon which every other thing revolves; including business transactions.

Business organizations in Nigeria who want to excel should work on their effective communication channels to ensure there is a free flow of information from the organization to the customer; vice versa.

Business owners should ensure their products do exactly what they say it does to avoid loss of confidence in the products or services.

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