Basic Digital Workplace Ethics You Should Know In Nigeria

Businesses interact as fast as light, talk on the phone without visible wire connections, and reach heterogeneous customers in various areas in Nigeria, Africa and others countries of the world far away from the sender; courtesy of these digitalization numerals.

However, this very good system of receiving and sending information showing that an electronic signal is there or not also have a little negative impact when the equipment is wrongly used or over used.


If you are a worker or manager of an office where a proper system of sending and receiving information is not given adequate attention, you can take a critical look at the foundation of the technology and follow advice for bringing back to work appropriate system of receiving and of sending information.


Email and instant messaging

Expertise still makes use of email as official means of communication in the office especially in Nigeria and also to pass official note and online documentation from one person to another in the same organization.

Digital etiquette in using an email in your workplace is as follows:


  • When you write or reply an email, use a skilled business-letter format and language presumes that an external (one not from the company) can read and understand.
  • Avoid personal or awkward content in your message.
  • As for the “Reply All” function, it should be used effectively, it is very unnecessary to send a copy of the work about an issue that is meant for only the manager and yourself to the entire co-workers or organization.
  • As some companies might want to keep official record instant messages, it is necessary to use accurate, formal English when sending quick messages to your co-workers.


Cell phones and smart phones

The use of mobile phones for oral and other forms of communication in Nigeria has greatly increased over the recent years. There have been recent reports on a slight move away from the normal desktop and laptop computers.

If this kind of trend is adopted in your office, be careful so that it will not affect the ability to properly perform your job. For instant, irrespective of the fact that one can compose vital company’s document with a smart phone, the small keyboard on the smart phone can also make composing a message uneasy and can lead to incomplete email or an email with confusing abbreviations.

More so, try to make use of your mobile phone for business transactions only, saving personal calls for emergency situations.


Social networking

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give businesses the opportunity to reach out to its audiences at a lower cost. In applying this method, there are some media etiquettes that have to be put in place, such as;


  • Common business sense, like typing “hello” or “good-bye” when communicating with a customer.
  • When having social media interactions, you should be very careful about what you say online.
  • Don’t expose internal company activities with none members, especially if your co-worker has personal profiles joined to the company’s social networking public profit.


Computer use

Companies keep using technology to enhance productivity through using machines to do work previously done by people and to ameliorate expenditure, such as labour.

  • If you use a company’s desktop or laptop be sure that it is for main business-related transactions.Minor business organizations may not hire or let-out computer equipment and you don’t want private documents and pictures showing on the hard drive if the PC needs maintenance or has to be returned to the leasing company.
  • Minor business organizations may not hire or let-out computer equipment and you don’t want private documents and pictures showing on the hard drive if the PC needs maintenance or has to be returned to the leasing company.
  • Don’t install games and other entertainment packages that might affect business-critical programs.
  • Don’t use your office PC to search for another job or to play music while working. Some companies don’t allow making mere entries on a personal blog during business hours. 

These ethics are not hard to adhere to; they are basic instructions which will help any corporate, private and even social organizations in Nigeria and globally when it comes to the aspect of corporate communication and messaging.

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