Tip for Women Who Want To Start a Strength Fitness Training Programs

Strength training program is the best way to enhance mood and keep fit always (gain emotional and physical fitness) but most women do think that is only for keeping healthy bones and muscles.


The following fitness tips below will help you to adapt to a better schedule for strength training programs either in your home or gym.

1. Weight Training

Weight training helps one to develop strength and skeletal muscles while high-intensity interval cardio training is one of the best ways to burn some unnecessary body fats and boost strength.

When weight training and high-intensity cardio training are merged together during a fitness exercise, it provides complete physical fitness that one needs to stay healthy.


2. Lifting Weight

Lifting of weight is a good training exercise for every woman. It is important for improving bone mass density and promoting fat-free muscle mass while preventing degenerative loss of skeletal body mass.

It is very healthy and advisable to make lifting of weight a routine at least 3 times per week or at intervals.


3. Starting Small

Starting small entails that you can start with the simplest type of physical activity such as lifting smaller weights.

You can be undergoing the fitness training program two times a week until you are able to work up your way before attending regularly as you wish.

At this time you can expose yourself to different types of exercise that involve bigger weights without complication.


4. Warm Up

It is essential to first warm up before exercise. It is not just a part of the training; it helps to prepare the body for the exercise and helps the body in some ways.

Ensure to warm-up always to loosen the joints and improve blood circulation in the muscle which will help to avoid sustaining an injury in the process. 


5. You will not get Big and Bulky

It is a frequently asked question if strength fitness training programs actually cause bulking-up.

Some women are afraid that strength training can cause them to develop a vigorously robust muscle.

But weight lifting and other strength training programs for women don't actually cause them 'muscle bulking' so just relax and carry on with the training. It only makes women keep fit but men need the training to get bulky muscle.


6. Follow the Procedure

During the training program, the smaller muscles should be trained as well as the bigger muscles to balance them out.

But the bigger one should be trained first because it requires much energy than the smaller one. Again, the smaller one will equally contribute to training the bigger muscles which should be trained thereafter.

In this case, it is important to note that the triceps shouldn’t be trained before the chest to avoid the smaller muscles becoming fatigued.


7.  Stay Hydrated

Water helps to convey nutrients that will give you energy while on strength fitness training and keeps the joints lubricated.

It is very important to stay well hydrated in the process to avoid muscle cramps, dizziness and tiredness.

If you are not well hydrated, your body will lack nutrients needed to perform at the highest level and thereby making you feel tired and dizzy. 


8. Be consistent

Consistency is very necessary when starting strength fitness program. You need to put in more effort into the training. You must be consistent and keep working to achieve your goals.

You can make it be part of our lifetime habit, don’t just start training for one or two months and stop.


9. Learn Proper Exercise Form

Learning proper exercise is one of the tips for strength training program, therefore you need to make out time to learn good exercise form.

It is easier to learn proper exercising form in strength training from the start than to develop bad habits and then try to break them later. A proper form of exercise will help in your strength fitness program as a woman.


10.  Strength is Highly Needed

The stronger you become as a female, the more your training will look like that of the male counterpart. Strength is highly needed not only on the field but also between the sexes.

The neural drive and muscle fibre make up that which is required to expand strength and tends to make you respond to training more as men would. Getting stronger week after week, keeps you motivated because you experience positive change.


Is Strength Training Good for Women?

Strength training is actually good for women; because as a woman, you need to be strong. Strength training doesn’t build muscles or make you bulky. As a woman, you don’t have the testosterone to get big muscles. The most important thing is when you combine the correct exercises with a sensible diet and a serving of aerobics.

Strength training helps to bring out definitions and make you stronger but will not increase bulk. Most of the exercises women often do to bring out definition don’t work even when they do it hundreds and hundreds of times, still, their bodies don’t change.

Strength training is one of the most effective ways that can help you to get in great shape as you have always wanted as a woman. So I will advise you to try strength training next time. 


How Many Days a Week Should You Strength Train?

Whether you are actually looking out to improve your health, reduce fat or get super strong, strength training is regarded to be one of the best ways you can spend time at the gym.

Studies have also shown that strength training is one of the best ways for expanding bone mineral density and strength regardless of your age.

Regular strength training also promotes blood pressure, cholesterol and other heart health. Asking of how many times you should strength train is totally dependent on you.

So when add strength train into regular workout routine, you can set up the best time for strength train that is good for you and your body.

If you are training for general health; 2 or 3 times per week is good for staying healthy because it helps to improve the total cholesterol levels. Therefore your 2 or 3 times strength training programs should be part of your routine. It is also good to stick with large and compound movements like push-ups, lunges, deadlifts, squats and pull-ups to hit all major muscles.


A good number of women have come to like weight training focusing their mind on keeping fit and staying healthy at all times. This is true but always remember to start with smaller weight and then build up your way as you continue.

Do not choose the type of training that your friend(s) do instead start training the areas of your body that need balance in order to achieve and aim at the end and get your desired body weight.


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