About Tangerines Fruit and Its Health Benefits

Tangerine is a citrus fruit that is also known as mandarin oranges; sweet in taste, orange in colour and packed with lots of nutritional values that have positive effects to the cell DNA, bone and heart health in general.

They are known for the citrus taste and high nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamins, folate, flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium which in combination affects the body positively, these nutrients contained in tangerine are beneficial to human health in the following ways.


16 Surprising Health Benefits of Tangerine


1.   Rich in antioxidants

Tangerines are rich in antioxidants. The major antioxidant found in the fruit is vitamin C which plays very important roles in the human body such as protecting the cell and body from free radical damages which could affect the collagens, DNA and cells.

Consumption of tangerines helps in preventing the formation of free radical that causes the reaction of oxidation. Tangerine fruits aids in protecting the heart from dangerous effects of the free radical inflammation and damage.


2. Rich in Folate

They are packed with folate which is a type of vitamin B. Folate help in the production of important genetic materials in the human body such as RNA and DNA, additionally, it helps in proper functioning of the red blood cells and iron in the body.

Moderate consumption of folate contributes to prevention of changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. Folate is also known to be beneficial to our health, as it helps in the production of red blood cells in the body. 


3.  Strengthens the Bone 

Contain important minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese are present in low percentages.

The presence of potassium in tangerine has the index value of 146 milligrams which helps to impacts the body cells, tissues and organs also play a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, generally reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Adequate eating of tangerine helps in preventing the bone from getting weak and fractures. The minerals contained in tangerine plays an important role in bone maintenance for a healthy bone.


4.   Rich in Flavonoids

Tangerines contain a healthy amount of flavonoids which is another important antioxidant in fruit that contributes to the proper functioning of the immune and hormones.

In other words, acts as a molecule that reduces some enzyme activities in order to kill metabolic imbalance that may reduce catalyzed the reaction of the enzyme.

Flavonoids is an antioxidant in tangerines that aids in the eliminating the chances of cancerous cells developing in the body which could lead to the proliferation of tumours.

It helps to fight against free radicals and also capable of preventing the development of heart diseases.


5.  Rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A contained in tangerines serve as a solution to certain health contradictions; it is a crucial nutrient known as retinol needed in a small index for eye function improvement, immune system and reproduction.

Vitamin A which is very important in our body for maintaining the overall health is contained in tangerine making it an excellent source of vitamin A.

It also helps in keeping the immune system healthy.

Intake of foods rich in vitamin A helps in preventing the development of night blindness and slows the decrease in eyesight experienced by some people as they age.


6.    Detoxifying and Purifying Effects

Tangerine has an oil content called depurative which is an essential oil that has detoxifying and purifying effects which help in cleansing dirty substances in the blood and the body from excess uric acid.

The essential oil also contains a tonic, antispasmodic, seductive, stomachic and digestive agent which in combination or individually offer positive effects on the body. The oil aids the body to purge of excess uric acid, pollutants, extra salt and water through the excretory system.


7.    Promotes Healthy Hair

The presence of vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin C are quite beneficial to human hair because vitamin C helps to build collagen which contributes to healthy hair, vitamin B12 promote hair growth and reduces hair loss while vitamin A keeps the sebum in hair scalp less dry.

Vitamin A moisturizes the sebum in the scalp. Vitamin B12 also slows down the greying process of the hair. Tangerine juice can be applied together with the hair oil to get a shiny and healthy hair.


8.     Improves the Skin

Tangerine can be used for home-made facial masks which help to remove excess oil and harmful bacteria on the skin.

This will equally keep the skin moisturized and reduce ageing signs on the skin such as lines, wrinkles and other related.

Tangerines are a highly effective natural treatment for preventing skin deterioration and premature ageing due to its high in vitamin C.

Consuming tangerine regularly can help in getting rid of pimples, fine lines, wrinkles and other skin diseases.


9.      Improves Digestion

The high amount of dietary fibre contained in tangerine is very beneficial to the body for digestion. It helps in enhancing bowel movements and also aids in preventing constipation.

Tangerine also contains a high amount of water and vitamin A that contributes greatly in the absorption of nutrients from the food that was eaten and keeps the digestive system hydrated.

Taking tangerine after each meal helps in fastening the digestion of the food.


10.   Maintains a healthy blood pressure

Tangerines are packed with lots of potassium and a small amount of sodium. It is known because of its rich content of potassium that helps in the maintenance of blood pressure and helping to ensure that excess water is not left in the body.

Regular consumption of tangerine helps the blood vessels to relax and also enhance proper blood pressure.


11.   Promotes a Healthy Heart

Tangerine fruits can help in protecting the heart from free radical damages.

The vitamin C present in the tangerine serves as an antioxidant that aids in terminating the free radicals in the blood, thereby improving blood circulation to and from the heart.

Regular consumption of tangerine can help in the prevention of oxidation of LDL cholesterol and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases because of its high in antioxidants.


12.  Helps in Weight Loss 

Tangerine is very rich in fibre which makes it a good food for weight maintenance because it keeps you satiated even for a long time.

Tangerine also increases the production of cortisol which is known to be a stress hormone that has an effect on the storing of fat in the body, thereby enabling you to keep a slim body.

So it is advisable to include tangerine in your everyday meal as it helps greatly in weight maintenance. 


13.   Good for Pregnant Women

Tangerines are a good source of vitamin B complexes like folate which aids in neural tube formation and red blood cell formation in prenatal babies.

Tangerines are rich in Folic acid which is needed for proper development of babies, the nervous system, placenta and forming of bones.

There will be a decrease in miscarriages if you regularly consume foods that are rich in folate or folic acid.

Therefore adequate consumption of tangerine during pregnancy is beneficial to your health and the health of the baby knowing that the deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women can cause delivery of underweight infants and may also lead to neural tube defects in newborns.


14.   Prevents Diabetes

The flavonoid that is known as nobiletin contained in tangerines has an effective prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Studies have shown that a tangerine acts as a natural agent that reduces the development of fat most especially in the liver by preventing it from being stored in the body.

Therefore regular eating of tangerine helps a lot in reducing the risk of developing diabetes.


15.   Promotes Wound Healing

Tangerine is known to be one of the fruits that promote wound healing because of the presence of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential in collagen synthesis in the body; collagen is the structural part of joint and other tissues which also includes the skin.

The high collagen synthesis leads to speedy healing, recovery and minimal scarring. Applying tangerine oil to your wound will definitely help in healing it speedily.


16.   Increases your Mood

The smell of tangerine has some surprising psychological effects. Just perceiving the smell of tangerine can help in improving your mood positively.

It helps a lot reducing anxiety levels, stress, thereby leaving you to feel more relaxed. You can try smelling it whenever your mood is low and may discover it to one of the instant mood boosters.


Nutritional Value of Tangerines





53 Kcal


13.34 g


0.81 g

Total fat

0.31 g


0 mg

Dietary Fibre

1.8 g


16 µg


0.378 mg

Pantothenic acid

0.216 mg


0.078 mg


0.036 mg


0.058 mg

Vitamin A

681 IU

Vitamin C

26.7 mg

Vitamin E

0.20 mg

Vitamin K

0 µg


2 mg


166 mg


37 mg


42 µg


0.15 mg


12 mg


0.039 mg


0.07 mg


155 µg


101 µg


407 µg


138 µg

Lyopene 0



Benefits of Tangerine Peel

Tangerine peel is the outermost part of a tangerine fruit. Tangerine peel is beneficial for reducing cholesterol and can be used in fighting cancer.

It is also used for treating nervous system, emotional stress, depression and problems related to sleep.

The tangerine peel contains lots of beneficial compounds that support blood sugar levels and a healthy liver.

The peel also aids in the health of the digestive system and helps digest fatty foods easily.

The peel can help to prevent the symptoms of many skin diseases and helps the body in staying youthful. So if you have any skin conditions like pimples, acne, rashes or other skin issues, the tangerine peel can help you.

The oil from the tangerine peel is known to have lots of benefits. It helps in fighting against bacteria and can aid in reducing the risk of infection.


Side Effects  

Generally, citrus fruits like tangerines are healthy to consume regularly because of its rich in fibre, vitamin C and contain little doses of several minerals. But its excessive consumption can lead to some health problems.

Excessive consumption of tangerine can result in bowel discomfort, if taken excess, your fibre intake increases quickly causing bloating, gas, watery stools and constipation.

It can also cause teeth problems due to the high content of acid in citrus fruits. It can lead to breaking down the enamel, the covering coating of your teeth which can result in severe pain, gum disease and bad breath.

Excessive consumption of tangerine can lead to weight gain, though it is low in calories when it is not eaten moderately can result to weight gain.


How many tangerines can be consumed a day?

Tangerines contain a high amount of vitamin C and supplies about 50 per cent of the recommended value. One tangerine contains 50 calories per fruit.

Although tangerines can supply all the calories, sugar and carbohydrates needed but lack protein and fat.

Since about 2000 calories are required for an average woman, a woman would need to consume about 40 tangerines per day to satisfy caloric needs and a man can consume about 54 tangerines to satisfy caloric needs since about 2600 calories per day are required for a man.



Tangerine fruits are found healthy and can be consumed regularly in order to gain all or most of the nutrients in it.

There are also antiseptic and antifungal properties contained in the tangerine oil which makes it good to be used around the home as disinfectants.

The benefits of tangerine to our health is without doubts, numerous. Its rich in vitamins and other phytochemicals components are what make the fruit beneficial for health and something everyone should consume regularly

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