About Ackee Fruit and Its Health Benefits

Ackee (ishin) Nutritional Benefits

Ackee is a delicious fruit characterized by red skin and contains no saturated fat or cholesterol that is mainly seen in western part of Nigeria which is called Ishin in Yoruba.

It has some nutritional contents such as protein, carbohydrate, vitamin and some other important elements like potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium which are beneficial to the human body; it is quite useful in the culinary creation and has different nutritional benefits.


•Ackee fruit contains niacin (vitamin B3) as the main vitamin which is an essential nutrient that helps to convert food into glucose and on the other hand produces energy and macromolecules to the body.


•The fruit is a great source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant that prevents the body from certain deficiencies such as scurvy and boosts the immune system.


•It is rich in iron which is the main key to the production of red blood cell and efficient delivery of oxygen around the body.


•Though ackee fruit is known to have zero cholesterol content but plays an important role in cardiovascular protection by reducing blood cholesterol level.


•There is a moderated fibre content in the fruit which helps to control the bowel movement and aid in proper digestion thereby lowering the risk of constipation.


•It serves as a source of vegetarian protein and can be used for weight loss program due to its pretentious benefits.


•Ackee is good for people with type 2 diabetes and generally used for regulation of sugar level in the body.


Ackee fruit contains lots of organic components and other nutrients that are beneficial to health and the fresh pulp can be eaten raw or cooked especially when it is ripped because unripe Ackee can be poisonous to health.

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