Dolomite - Natural Resources In Nigerian States And Its Deposits

Dolomite Deposits - Nigeria is one of the African Countries with Dolomite deposits and these are located in Abuja, Edo (Ikpeshi and Akoko), Kogi, Nasarawa, Kwara, Yobe, and Oyo.

Dolomite is one of the compositions of limestone that can also be referred to as the sedimentary rock, both Limestone and Dolomite behaves in similar ways when subjected to heat and pressure.



Dolomite mineral resources deposits in Nigeria


It is a carbonated mineral that is gotten from dolomite rock and is anhydrous in nature comprisinh mainly of calcium magnesium carbonate - CaMg(CO3)2 .

Dolomite which is found in most sedimentary basins across the world is formed by the alteration of post - depositional of limestone and lime mud and which is caused by magnesium-rich groundwater.

It begins to recrystallize as the temperature rises thus increasing the size of the dolomite crystals in the rock developing it into a distinctly crystalline appearance. It is cut into slab when mining.


There are various methods of detecting areas rich in dolomite deposits such as by using electrical resistivity and others.

Most Nigerians and West Africans may not be conversant with what dolomite actually is and the word may really sound new to some persons when being compared to some of the minerals commonly found in country.

It is not found in many states in Nigeria though, but naturally occurs in limestone. Its quarrying is the same with limestone and most of the companies in Nigeria that are into limestone processing are likely also to be into the quarrying of dolomite.

Some of the companies in Nigeria that are into limestone/dolomite quarrying includes but is not limited to Glister Success Limited, Stonehill Nigeria Limited and others.

It has many commercial and industrial uses, and because of this, there are many businessmen in Nigeria and numerous African countries that has invested in the mineral - dolomite, there are also a number of exporters and suppliers of this natural mineral resources across Nigeria too.


Applications of Dolomite

  • Used in the production of magnesium using Pidgeon process.
  • Dolomite and dolomitic limestone are used in horticulture, as they are added to soils to help buffer the pH of the water and also as a magnesium source.
  • It’s also used For the Refractory furnace, building materials, the source of carbon dioxides, terrazzo tiles, floor, and walls.
  • Dolomite is used in steel industry as a sintering agent especially in the processing of iron ore.
  • In the production of steel, dolomite is used as a flux.
  • Is used in the chemical industry to produce magnesia (MgO).
  • Dolomite is used as an ornamental stone.
  • It serves as a soil conditioner and a feed additive for livestock .
  • Dolomite is used in the production of glass and ceramics. 

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