Surprising Health Benefits Of Sugarcane and Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane is known for its high sugar content which makes it the main source for sugar production,  and because of this reason, it has been debated by many whether it is good for health or not when consumed.


Sugarcane apart from its high sugar contents contains also some minerals which are of great benefits to the body which include potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and other nutrients and more which are mainly in low content. Its juice contains also vitamins.


 The health benefits of Sugarcane are as follows:

1. Prevents Cancer

The minerals contained in sugarcane helps in the prevention of various kinds of cancer in the body because sugarcane is regarded as alkaline food which helps in maintaining and promoting the general health as it makes the environment not to be conducive for such growth.


2. Good for Diabetic Patients

Sugar-containing foods are one of the things a diabetic patient doesn’t need, so since sugarcane even as the name implies contains lots of sugar, is it still beneficial for health since it might as well cause other sugar-related problems?.


But the truth is that diabetic patients especially those suffering from type-2 diabetes or any other person should have no fear about the sugar content in sugarcane because it just a natural sugar and not only that, it is considered to have a glycemic index which is low compared with other foods that contain sugar, which literally means that it doesn’t trigger the rise in blood sugar because of its slow digestion and absorption rate in the body.


3. Protects the Liver

Just like some of the food, fruits, and vegetables, sugarcane also contains antioxidants that help to prevent certain liver causing diseases due to the high oxidative process in the body.

Not only that, but it also helps the liver to function well especially in removing bilirubin from the blood after the red blood cells must have been broken down and are passed through stool as bile.

Sugarcane juice also helps to reduce high levels of bilirubin to its normal level in order to prevent liver diseases and damage.


4. Boost the Immune System

The antioxidants which sugarcane contains also helps to improve the immune system as it aids in fighting infections.


5. Good Source of Energy

Sugarcane is good for health as it provides energy due to its calorie content and it also helps in keeping the body hydrated.

It is fully packed with lots of energy which is why it is regarded as an energy drink in some countries especially during summer (heat period) as it helps provide the body with instant energy and as well quenches thirst.

Sugar or its juice is highly recommended by medical experts to serve in replacement of most energy drinks which might not be made from whole fruits as it might contain some chemicals such as the preservatives used to increase the shelf life of the drink/energy booster.


6. Helps in Digestion

One of the minerals that sugarcane contains is potassium, this mineral helps to improve the digestive system as its deficiency can possibly lead to digestive problems.

Its role in the digestive system is to signal the brain when to digest the food in the system, so when there is a low potassium content in the body which can be found in the digestive muscles as well, then digestive problems could arise which includes constipation, bloating and in worse cases might even lead to paralyzed gut.


7. Protects the Teeth

It might be hard to believe that sugarcane can help to alleviate tooth problems like tooth decay and even reduce bad breath due to its sugar content which some might believe can affects the teeth negatively.

But recent researches have proved that some of these minerals that sugarcane contains such as calcium, potassium magnesium help make the teeth strong and prevent decay.

a.      calcium – which helps in teeth and bone formation

b.      magnesium – which calcium can’t do without, as it helps in making the teeth enamel strong, thereby preventing it from decay.

c.       Potassium – this doesn’t only help with the improvement of bone mineral density but also works hand in hand with magnesium as it helps to prevent leach or the draining away of calcium from the teeth and bone which can result in by the blood being too much acidic.



8. Alleviates Febrile Seizures

Febrile illness mostly occurs in children as well as infants and one of its notable symptoms is high fever which in most cases leads to seizures. From recent research works, sugarcane has been found to help alleviate this illness as it helps to replenish the body with the protein it needs since the seizure also causes loss of protein in the body and consciousness as well.


It has been recommended by medical experts as it helps in the quick recovery of such illnesses.


9. Improves the Skin

Sugarcane naturally contains a form of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) compound called glycolic acid. It is well known for its use in facial and skin treatment as it helps in the removal of blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles and dead cells from the body creating an avenue for new skin cell regeneration.


In fact, sugarcane or its juice is used in exfoliation processes and is used by most spas and beauty centers.


10. For Treatment of Jaundice

Jaundice results when the bilirubin in the blood gets too much and couldn’t be removed by the liver which reflects on the body of the carrier by the skin turning yellow.


Sugarcane, as stated earlier, is used for the reduction of the levels of the bilirubin in the blood and its removal from the body, thereby making it a good food source for the treatment of jaundice and as well helps to maintain a normal glucose level.


11. Helps Heal Wounds Faster

Sucrose is a type of sugar that is found in sugarcane and is good for the wound as it helps to heal it faster.

This is done by dressing the wound with sugar or the sucrose content as it helps in the reduction of such infections like bacteria which can inhibit the healing of the wound.


12. Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms

Sugarcane is good for pregnant women, as it helps to alleviate the symptoms of nausea, vomiting and even the swelling on legs and other parts of the body.

Most medical experts recommend the eating of sugarcane or its juice as it helps in the promotion of the body’s metabolism, aids in digestion and also reduce other symptoms like morning sickness and gives also long-lasting energy.

It's also good as it helps to prevent constipation and other digestive issues that might arise.


13. It's Diuretic

Sugarcane or its juice functions as a diuretic which implies that it helps in the removal of water and salt in the body through sweat and urine and also limits the chances of having urinary tract infections or other health conditions such as kidney stones by making the kidney to function properly.


Nutritional Values of Sugarcane/juice:

The nutritional value is based on 28.35 grams of sugarcane juice per serving





111.13 kJ (26.56 kcal)


27.51 g


0.27 g


11.23 mg (1%)


0.37 mg (3%)


41.96 mg (1%)


17.01 mg (1%)



How Sugarcane can be Consumed!

Sugarcane, as grown in Nigeria and other African countries is mostly enjoyed by its lovers because of its juice which is sweet to taste and is commonly consumed by chewing to effectively extract the juice before spitting the sugarcane fiber of bagasse.


Though sugarcane is widely consumed through chewing, it can also be used in the production of sugarcane syrup, juice, and sweetener for some beverages such as soft drinks. In some countries of the world, sugarcane can be fermented and use in the production of alcoholic drinks and beverages such as rum.


Conclusion :

The health benefits, as well as the nutritional value of sugarcane, is much, and ironically, sugarcane which is feared by some persons to cause and also trigger sugar-related health conditions such as diabetes is even recommended to be taken by such patients in moderation as it doesn’t change the levels of blood glucose in the body whilst giving them adequate energy.


Sugarcane is good for the health, the skin and even the hair, and has a lot of benefits to offer such as can be seen below:

1.      Prevents Cancer

2.      Good for Diabetic Patients

3.      Protects the Liver

4.      Boost the Immune System

5.      Good Source of Energy

6.      Helps in Digestion

7.      Protects the Teeth

8.      Alleviates Febrile Seizures

9.      Improves the Skin

10.    For Treatment of Jaundice

11.    Improves the Skin

12.    Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms

13.    It's Diuretic

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