About Soybean and its Health Benefits

The wonderful health benefit of soybeans includes rich in protein, rich in vitamin, helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, high mineral content promotes weight loss and helps to soften the skin.

It also helps relieves depression, contains phytic acid, helps to prevent stroke and heart failure, prevents stroke and heart failure fights against cancer, good for pregnant women, boosts brain functioning and prevention of diabetes.


Here are some very important health benefits of soybean you should know.

1. Rich in Protein

Soybeans are rich in protein and contain peptides such as lunasin, glycinins and more which all together help in maintaining a normal level of the blood sugar, improve the function of the body’s immune as well as the regulation of the blood pressure.

Contains protein as well helps to fight against virus and illness in the body, that is why you have to consume protein supplement such as soybeans even if you want to avoid meat because of its high cholesterol.


2. Rich in Vitamins

The presence of vitamins in Soybeans especially vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and helps in moisturizing the skin by replacing dead skins with new ones, reducing wrinkles, scaly or dry skin, and as well slows the rate of aging naturally.

Mix ground soybean with water and massage gently on your face for about 25 to 30 minutes for like three to four times a week and see yourself looking young and glowing.


3. Helps to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

It is also good for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases because of its rich content of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which is also good for the brain and other behavioral functions.

It contains phenolic acids and genistein which is known for its good antioxidant properties and because of the presence of these phytonutrients, it makes soybean beneficial to health as it will aid in the prevention of certain diseases in the body.


4. High Mineral Content

The minerals in soybeans are beneficial to health;

a) The presence of zinc helps to prevent infection of the ear which can lead to hearing loss and also boost the general immune system and functions.

b) It is rich in the mineral-like iron which helps in providing the human red blood cells with iron-containing substances known as hemoglobin and is known for its role in blood production too.

c) Calcium which can be found in soybean helps in building the bone structure as well as the teeth.

d) Magnesium helps to improve the bone as well as preventing and treating problems such as osteoporosis. This mineral content also helps to get rid of insomnia, difficulty in sleeping; thereby making you sleep peacefully at night.

Mentioned minerals above, all help boost brain health faster.


5. Promotes Weight Loss

It is good for weight loss because it contains low sugar and is high in polyunsaturated fats which are regarded as good fats as it aid in reducing high cholesterol in the body, and with the presence of dietary fiber aids in food digestion.


6. Soybean Helps to Soften the Skin

Soybean keeps the skin healthy and balanced by looking hydrated all day long. It serves as a skin moisturizer preventing dry and rough skin. It is also used to remove excess oil from the skin for those that have oily skin.


7. Good for Women in Menopause

The content of phytoestrogen in soy helps women during menopause because in this stage, the body’s natural production of estrogen tends to stop and of which symptoms might occur, therefore; this phytoestrogen now acts as a weak estrogen that helps relieve those symptoms by slightly boosting levels. 


 8. Relieves Depression

Folate content in soybean helps to lower depression and mood disorders. Consumption of soybeans helps your body to fight depression by balancing the serotonin production process which an imbalance might influence mood that could lead to depression.


9. Treats Inflammation

Soybeans' content is made of anti-inflammatory properties that are absolutely necessary to treat many serious illnesses. Inflammation of the body can lead to cancer or arthritis if not properly taken care of. It contains alpha-linolenic acid which reduces inflammation in the body system.

Recent studies prove that soybean is of benefit to health as it helps to treat problems associated with inflammation.


10. Contains Phytic Acid

Soybean contains phytic acid that acts as antioxidants that fight against diseases such as cancer, inflammation, tumor, diabetes, etc.


11. Helps Prevent Stroke and Heart Failure

A good level of soy intake helps to decrease cholesterol and do away with the layers formed on the surface of your arteries due to the fiber content. It can help to prevent the chances of getting a stroke or heart failure.

Soybeans also contain fatty acid which helps to decrease blood pressure, as well as building a healthy cardiovascular system.


12. It Regulates the Digestive System

Due to the high content of fiber in soybeans, studies show that appropriate consumption helps in treating many digestive problems, regulates the digestion process as well as fighting the toxins from your body.

Individuals suffering from constipation, diarrhea or bloating should effectively make use of soybeans so as to maintain a smooth digestion process.


13. Fights against Cancer

Soybeans help to fight against cancer in the body due to its richness in antioxidants. The presence of these antioxidants makes soybeans effective for nullifying the free radicals in your body that leads to cancer.

It also reduces the risk of developing breast cancer as an experiment carried out by researchers proved that women who consume soybeans frequently are less limited to develop breast cancer.


14. Good for Pregnant Women

Soybeans are highly rich in mineral nutrients such as Vitamin B Complex and Folic Acid, which is very essential for pregnant women as it helps to reduce the risk of congenital disabilities caused by low levels of folic acid and vitamin B complex.


15. Boost Brain Functioning

Soybean contains phytosterols that help to increase the function of nerve cells in the brain. It sharpens your memory and keeps you focused.

This also contains a vital nutrient for the brain known as lecithin. This nutrient helps patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.


16. Controls Diabetes

Soybean contains isoflavones and magnesium which reduces insulin resistance thereby increasing insulin receptors synthesis in the body which is of health benefit to those suffering from diabetes.

It is advised that adding soybean to your diet helps the body to control diabetes and other problems relating to insulin metabolism and blood sugar.


Nutritional Value of Soybeans (100g)



1866 kJ


30.16 g


36.49 g

Vitamin A

1 g

Vitamin B6

0.377 mg


0.87 mg


0.874 mg

Vitamin B

12 0 g

Vitamin C

6.0 mg

Vitamin E

0.85 mg

Vitamin K

47 g


277 mg


1.658 mg


4.89 mg


280 mg


15.7 mg


1797 mg


2 mg


What is Soybeans?

Soybean is a legume and an edible beans which are grown for its use, especially for the production of its useful derivatives as it contains essential nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

It is one of the food crops which gives protein and is highly recommended by most health practitioners to be used as a supplement to our daily meal.

It can also be processed into soybeans powder which can serve as a part of the daily meal and also used for Soy vegetable oil which is better than some of the vegetable oils that can be found in the market because it contains fats, not just fats but healthy fats.


Uses of Soybeans

Soybean can be used in various ways while maintaining its nutrients, mostly it is used to produce soymilk or soya milk, which is great to taste.

But most people especially those that are lactose intolerant might want to refrain from it or reduce their intake because it might lead to bloating, cramping and others due to its inability to digest lactose which can be found in soybeans or soymilk.



The nutrients that can be found in soybean are numerous as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, copper, iron, calcium, protein, thiamine, magnesium, vitamin K, zinc, phosphorus, molybdenum, dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, vitamin B12, B6, K, A, and E.

Because of its uncountable nutritional benefits, it is most time substitute as a portion of baby food and in as much as soybeans or its derivatives are generally safe for consumption.

It is also good to know that it can trigger some health conditions such as those with iodine deficiency as it can affect the function of the thyroid which can lead to thyroid diseases such as goiter, increase the risk of developing kidney stones and allergic reactions, so it is advised not to consume high amount of it always.

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