How To Register For Vehicle Plate Number In Nigeria

A plate number is one of government’s established means of identification of vehicles in Nigeria and other parts of the world; it is a glaring fact that vehicles at times come in the same model, colour and features, making it nearly impossible for people to distinguish between them.

The idea of vehicle plate number was conceived as a result of this development to enable people easily identify vehicles.

Nigeria presently adopted a brand of plate number which to a great extent has ameliorated fraudulent practices perpetuated by some corrupt vehicle licensing officers; thereby enhancing the internally generated revenue of the federal government.

Plate numbers when procured authenticate one’s ownership of the specified vehicle thereby making it easy for you to trace your vehicle in case of car theft.

Nigeria like other countries of the world has established procedure on how to register for vehicle plate number but still a lot of Nigerians due to ignorance of the process involved employ the services of agents most times at a very high cost to procure a registered plate number for their vehicle.

However, the established guidelines on how to register for vehicle plate number in Nigeria are as follows.

Online registration

Applicants desiring to obtain a registered vehicle plate number in Nigeria should go to the online website to supply the information as demanded on the online form.

The information will be documented and used for official purposes. After registration, print the completed form, attach other relevant documents and submit to the office of the State Board of Internal Revenue.


Pay for the plate number

Before submitting the documents, pay in the designated bank the amount of money required for the plate number registration.

Attach a photocopy of the payment teller with the document you intend to submit.


Submit the original teller if requested

Keep the photocopy or acknowledgment receipt with you as evidence of payment in case of an eventuality.

Some offices of Nigeria Board of Internal revenue do collect cash in the office in respect of the services. Find out if this is applicable to the Board of Internal revenue where you went for the services.


VIO Inspection

Vehicle inspection officers are the organ in charge of confirmation of road worthiness of a vehicle.

The applicant at this stage takes the vehicle to vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) for physical confirmation.

The vehicle if confirmed will be issued a certificate of road worthiness which will be attached to the vehicle license.


Road Safety Confirmation

Here, the safety officers will confirm the documents issued such as driving license, insurance policy number, means of identification, proof of address and others.

After that, the officer in charge will issue an approval notice to the Board of Internal Revenue to enable them to facilitate processing and registration of the plate number.


Collection of the vehicle plate number

Go back to the Board of Internal Revenue where you submitted your application and document to pick up the vehicle plate number.


Obtaining vehicle plate number is the first step a wise man should take towards safe guarding his vehicle as it will greatly help in vehicle identification especially in the case of car theft.

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