The Effectiveness Of Email Marketing In Nigerian Businesses

Currently, in Nigeria, mobile technology has made marketing to be a lot easier and better for marketers because they no longer participate in verbal marketing instead they market their product directly to a particular target group through the use of an email.

It is widely used as one of the most effective marketing tools, not only is it cheap and effective to use, it can be used to send a message to a large group of people at the same time.


Email marketing has being relatively effective and efficient for almost all types of business, its advantages include:

It’s easily customized

When email marketing is said to be personal and customizable, it means that it does segment its audience into lists, and can also send each contact list a tailored message that resonates with its reader and can provide something valuable to them.

For instance, in marketing using a social media channels, the audience is addressed generally as one, but in email marketing, the customized message(s) is sent to respective audiences addressing them individually by their names.


It is action oriented

Emails are widely used in one way or the other in almost all types of businesses, which include but are not limited to purchasing good online by authenticating it through email, replying or contacting a business through an email, forwarding, signing up etc.

It is transactional in nature and one can use it to direct traffic to one’s ultimately drive sales as well as the website. Meanwhile, it enables one to get results immediately as he/she develops a small business.


Serves a tool for measurement

Another effectiveness of email marketing in Nigeria is that it is measurable which means that there’s no guessing of work in email marketing, when an email marketer uses a marketing software, he/she can track whoever that has opened the mail, which links were clicked, and also how many people subscribed or unsubscribed, one can easily know how the email campaigns are performing, make amendments and can improve its effectiveness.


It’s easier to use

People can now check their emails constantly anywhere, anytime using a mobile device, this is because mobile devices have become so common, and emails customized to open in all types of phones.

Due to this, one can easily market his/her products and services irrespective of the place and time and can also access it at their own will.


It is more economic and cost effective

When email marketing is said to become more economic and cost effective, it signifies that it’s inexpensive, easy and very effective. It enables entrepreneurs to reach a large number of customers at an affordable rate.


Email marketing is more effective than social media.

Email marketing is said to be more effective than social media, though social media is an essential instrument in any business marketing strategy and a great channel for interacting with one’s audience, it is also the basic step towards reaching a marketer’s mission, but email marketing is believed  to be the best option for one to imbibe on especially when it comes to converting of customers and people into supporters and members respectively.


Note, that there is no restriction to the kind of business to use emails as a marketing tool because it’s effective for small, medium and large scales businesses and even for entrepreneurs.

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