The Basic Roles Of Advertising And Promotion In Businesses

Of recent advertising and promotion has become one of the basic strategies for effective marketing in Nigeria, unlike the previous years before the introduction of advertising and promotion tools.

As a vehicle cannot move without a fuel, the same thing is applicable to advertising and promotion to a business. For any business to grow profit and economic wise, advertising and promotion have a vital role to play and is very necessary to imbibe on it.

Most times when businesses remain still or even collapse, it is as a result of the absence of advertising and promotion in such businesses.


Advertising is any method or means through which a products or services can be made known or communicated to the public

Roles of Advertising

  • It helps to inform the general public about the availability of a product, where and how to get it, its uses and brand.
  • It sends information to a large number of the population through different media and advertising strategies.
  • Advertising is vital to the competitive business atmosphere and to the producer as well as traders, customers and advertising agencies involved.
  • Advertising helps customers to gather information, as this enables such customer to select the right product with the right price and quality.
  • It also helps producers and sellers to increase sales and understand competitors to plan to competency level, for instance, a prospective customer who may need a particular goods or services may be ignorance of where and how to get it as well as the price, such prospect depends on advertisement to provide the necessary information needed for the customer to get the product, whereby there is no advertisement for such prospect, the product cannot be reached. 



Marketing is the process of creating awareness to the audience through many techniques and strategies in order generate continued demand and promotion, on the other hand, is a part of marketing business tool which aids greatly in its process.

Meanwhile, promotional activities play an important role in product distribution, sales and also on focused markets and groups. There are various ways of actions that can be used for promotion such as publicity or public relations, sponsorships, staff structuring, advertising and much more.    

Therefore, since an absence of advertising and promotion may lead to failure of a business, it then becomes a prerequisite for an entity such as companies, industries, organizations etc., to advertise and promote their products through any possible and effective means as this will lead to proper growth as well as the success of such an entity.

Nigerian businesses are mainly promoted today through online local business directories, social media and search engines; as a result buyers or clients don't rely on radio or newspaper advert again because the world is going more digital by the day; so instead they quickly make searches with their smart phones, PCs, and desktops to find the products and services they need.

Generally, the basics for business promotion is advertising the business using any platform, using hand bills, radio announcement, bill posts and others, sales promotion which entails persuading potential customers to patronise your products and services in order to boost sales and other tactics that one may think of just to keep the business moving.

Promotion helps to create awareness and establish the credibility of products and at large sustain constant demand.


Advertising and promotion work in hands; promotion works well with an advertisement as it is used to accomplish varied goals and the other way round advertising plays important roles in the business promotion so the two are just the major wings of keeping businesses on the move in Nigeria, Africa and across the globe.

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