Advantages Of Direct Marketing In Nigeria

Direct marketing can simply be defined as a means of selling a product or services to the target audience or general public directly, it can be done through email, telephone calls, and other media.

In Nigeria, direct marketing campaign will include such steps which can influence potential customers to take action in buying a product or services. Such as actions can include calling by phone in terms of telemarketing, website visiting, emails, mobile messaging, promotional letters and online advertisement.

Before any business can engage in the marketing of products and services, it will be beneficial for them to understand what direct marketing is all about in order to effectively progress in the Nigeria business market place and make a profit out of it.

Direct marketing has to be presented well and has to include intensive marketing research, market segmentation, target marketing and evaluation. 


There are numerous advantages that come with this kind of marketing strategy and it is as follows:

Targeting group

If the product and services have a sound value proposition, an attractive offer, efficient communication techniques and targeted to the right customer through the right channel it can greatly promote and boost goods and services including products that may not have a strong brand.


Direct measurement

The results from direct marketing can be measured directly (quantifiable success metrics) that is to say that the marketer can easily know the percentage of positive responses he or she gets daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. For example, a marketing campaign for services to 100 persons through email and get 40 positive response, he or she can be able to know that the positive response rate is 40%.  

In the recent times, technology has made it easier for marketing operators to measure the results of a product or services campaign through online analytics; it is carried effectively by using a particular Landing Page or Lead Generation.


Cheap and cost effective

Most forms of direct marketing are cheap and easy to use, unlike other forms of marketing that might be expensive to run. Also, direct marketing is attractive and profitable to many marketers because of its immediate and positive outcome; in addition to this, this type of marketing also provides what is known as brand loyalty because it will provide the customers  with a platform to enjoy discounts and deals. 


Creates avenue for new customers

New customers can be attracted using direct marketing strategies; in most potential business in Nigeria, the owners or marketers are always familiar with their potential customers. Through direct marketing, you can build direct communication to people who have not known about your products and services which is a kind of creating awareness for new customers.


Increase sales

Sales are greatly improved through a direct marketing campaign which is the easiest way that marketers can connect with customers both old and new and helps them also track and analyse the improvement on sales through the campaign response rate. In direct marketing campaign, the marketer defines his or her target and findings in order not to spend their money on the wrong set of people.


In general direct marketing is beneficial to both the marketers and the buyers of goods and services because it grants them direct business opportunities with the marketer, thereby saving the company expenses on some of the key products.

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