Ways on How to Limit the Chances of Getting Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be managed and controlled with diets but cannot be cured completely. Therefore is better to prevent it and limit your chances of getting it, this article has important information to pass across regarding the tips on how you can prevent type 2 diabetes.

•    Smokers are more liable to contact diabetes especially type 2 diabetes than non-smokers. If you are smoking or have the passion for smoking, it is better you quit now to avoid type 2 diabetes mellitus. Smoking of tobacco and cigarette increase the blood sugar level. Quitting smoking and avoiding second-hand smoke helps to prevent the risk of diabetes.

•    Ensure that you make a proper research on the types of diets you take because certain diets you make your favourites may be the diets that cause insulin resistance, you are at the risk of having type 2 diabetes without knowing it. Therefore, you should know foods that are healthy such as whole natural foods, fruits and foods rich in dietary nutrients that don’t increase the blood glucose level.

•    The advice here is that if you are not addicted to alcoholic beverages before diagnosis, it's better you don start it otherwise ensure that the diabetic situation is under control and there is no other liver or heart associated disease as well as other precautionary measures to stay safe.Note that drinking alcohol more than three times a day can worsen diabetic retinopathy if you have complications related to the condition.Another side effect of alcohol in type 2 diabetic patient is the inability to control the blood sugar when it rises above average or reduces more than it should be.

•    A type 2 diabetes is a serious medical condition that can be complicated if not controlled appropriately. There are certain anti-diabetic medications and diets used to control blood sugar level for type two diabetic patients, talk to your doctor about your treatment plan and insulin therapy because medications are the key to getting your condition into a healthy range.
        You should be able to let your doctor know much about you and the type 2 diabetic condition as well as what you do to manage it.

•    It is a very good health management strategy to increase the fibre content in diets of type two diabetic patients. Fibre supplements help to reduce the blood glucose that can actually cause the type of overweight that can lead to type 2 diabetes. Dietary fibre from food or supplement plays a key role in preventing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

•    Physical activities are very important to the overall health. Specifically in preventing type 2 diabetes mellitus because when you perform any physical activity, you are reducing the blood sugar level and body insulin sensitivity thereby thwarting the risk of this disease.

•    Excess body weight increases the body's resistance to insulin and makes it difficult to manage the blood sugar level. When this happens, the formation of type 2 diabetes may arise. But when you lose an extra body weight, you are draining the the excessive fat out of the pancreas and making your weight return to normal and this will probably prevent type 2 diabetes.

•    Fried foods can inflict devastation on the blood sugar level, affects cholesterol and equally lead to weight gain. Try to avoid fried food because the more fried food you take the more risk you are of getting type 2 diabetes. Also while preparing your foods, minimize the quantity of salt that is been used.

•    You may begin to wonder now what dentist has to do with the prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Reason; type 2 diabetes is associated with oral health that impacts dental care. Research has shown that when the blood glucose and the haemoglobin become high, the risk of periodontal diseases, dental bleeding and gum diseases may occur. Gum diseases have negative effects on blood sugar levels which can cause type 2 diabetes but regular visitation to a dentist can prevent this.

•    Chromium supplement helps the insulin to regulate that blood sugar level thereby preventing the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is advisable to use chromium supplement for prevention.

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Using the information provided above can help to prevent the risk of diabetes, though the steps may appear too long but are clear and simple to apply.

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