Proven Ways to Effectively Handle Haemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Haemorrhoid is health issues that result from inflamed or swollen veins in the anus that causes pain and discomfort. It could be worrisome and depressive in pregnancy, but it's very treatable both medically and naturally when it is effectively handled. This article serves as a guide to know how haemorrhoids occurrence can be dealt with during pregnancy.

•    This situation happens during pregnancy because of straining that occurs when the stool is hard. Constipation is common during pregnancy because of the increase in hormone progesterone. The passage of food through the intestine becomes very slow during this period thereby causing hard bowl which makes most pregnant women strain most times while trying to pass out faeces. This is how haemorrhoid development starts.

•    The symptoms of haemorrhoids can be discovered through self-diagnosis. When this situation occurs, you will begin to feel itching and pain in the anus. At times you will notice anal bleeding, burning sensation, a lump development in the anus which causes discomfort.

•    Haemorrhoids are miserable due to the itching, discomfort and pains it gives but there are things you can do to subdue conditions and stay comfortably okay. There are medications for this situation but some simple things you might not think of can stop the itching and pains.
        Sit on a bucket containing lukewarm water for about 15minutes 3 to 4 times daily to stop the pains. Apply cold compressing method on the haemorrhoid to make it shrink down and reduce pains and itching also avoid sitting for a longer time in the toilet.

•    The best medication that is self-obtainable is to prevent constipation which is the major cause of non-inherited haemorrhoids. Eat more of fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre, consume much quantity of water at intervals on daily basis. Medically, you can ask a doctor or healthcare provider for a haemorrhoid cream that can be safe for your pregnancy condition. The natural medications are safe as well as the medical cream application during pregnancy.

•    Haemorrhoids can be dangerous if the situation becomes worse. The swollen vein will bulge out through the anus and cause the hemorrhoidal tissues consisting of blood vessels, connective tissues and some muscles to die off. When it happens this way, the pains will get worse and certain complications which will lead to death may occur except if there is an urgent surgical operation to prevent it.

•    This situation can get worse during pregnancy if you don’t try to avoid everything that will cause a strain that can affect the anal areas. Some of the things to avoid are lifting of heavy loads, sitting for a long time, eating foods that will harden your excreta thereby making you to strain why defecating.

You may be wondering what your fate is after treating this health issue during pregnancy if there is a tendency of reoccurrence after delivery due to the effect of pushing while trying to deliver your baby. Know that haemorrhoids that happen to develop during pregnancy tend to disappear on their own after delivering your baby especially if constipation is avoided.

Haemorrhoids may appear hard to deal with if you don’t follow the tips above. Having seen the causes and symptoms you can use the information above to prevent it once it is not inherited from your parent. Even when inherited, it can still be dealt with using the direction in this article.

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