How to prevent yourself from heart attack in Nigeria

Heart failure or attack is a deadly sickness that kills as quickly as a fatal road accident; it comes with certain symptoms and can be caused by loss of blood supply to the heart, or in the case where the heart muscles are blocked by blood clots or cholesterol causing the heart and tissues become weak.

When this happens, possible symptoms to show include chest pain, cold sweat, shortness of breath of breath and more, although the symptoms might differ from men to women.

Heart failure in other words called acute myocardial infarction or angina pectoris in biology becomes severe and results to what the cardiologists called cardiac arrest when not treated or rather prevented.

There are certain symptoms and signs of heart failure but in most cases these signs differ from one individual to the other; men's heart attack symptoms may be different to that of women as stated earlier but there is a unique sign called heart discomfort (reported cases in most Nigerian clinics and globally) whether in men or women which may not be abrupt at all times.

Most times, heart attack originates from the type of things we eat and certain lifestyle we attach ourselves to which some of them includes:

  • Much intake of alcohol
  • Carrying too much weight
  • Poor feeding
  • Smoking
  • Being in-operative that is not engaging in many physical activities.     

All these jointly or singularly can cause malfunction of the cells and tissues in the brain cell, cardiac enzymes, and other body cells.

From the causes mentioned above which can be termed lifestyle causes, there are equivalent positive lifestyle that can be adapted to in order to prevent such heart disease as there are also medical ways by which it can also be prevented.


Some of these lifestyles which we can adapt to in preventing heart attack are enumerated as follows;

1.  Little intake of Alcohol: A little quantity of alcohol in the body system is not bad because it helps to moderate certain diets therefore as a man or woman if you wish to take alcohol just have a bit of it so as to help your cardiovascular system.

2.  Avoid smoking: "Smokers are liable to die young" which is a warning on the packet cigarettes, smoking of cigarette and general use of tobacco products especially the derivatives is hazardous because there is every tendency of heart attack once the persons drop the habit.

3.  Eat a balanced diet: Eating is the major factor that sustains human life; which is not necessarily to eat but having a rich and balanced diet daily with less consumption of fat, sugar, and salt. Daily meals should contain much of grains, fruits, and vegetables.

4.  Physical activities: Physical exercises such as trekking, running, gymnastics, swimming, track and field events or other little exercises helps to control the cardiac activities and burn away fats and cholesterol in the body system to maintain healthy living and low risk of heart failure.

5.  Try to maintain a normal body weight: Being overweight has been one of the main causes of heart attacks because the cholesterol tends to block the blood vessels to the heart; therefore, it is health-wise to avoid being overweight at all cost.


Some of the medical ways of avoiding heart attack include taking aspiring and visiting the Nigerian health clinic or personal medical practitioner to check your sugar level, blood pressure, body weight and other routine check-ups.

Following the above tips, limits cost no cash to keep to a healthy living and avoid destroying the chemical processes within a living organism that work to maintain life. 

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